“My Fae or the High Fae” is Bo’s New Mantra & Attitude

Season 3 of “Lost Girl,” starring Anna Silk, This Sunday Jan 6th on Showcase!

“Succubus Gone Wild?”

Bo afire

Bo afire

We will soon find out what Showcase’s red hot television series “Lost Girl” has planned for “Bo” (Anna Silk) this year as Season # 3 debuts This Sunday, Jan 6th, 2013. Also very important to note, prior to the broadcast of the season opener will be a one hour special aptly named ConFaedential.

It is a round table discussion with cast members reflecting on the first two seasons and perhaps a glimpse or two into what Season 3 has to offer. (Check Local Listings for viewing times).

One thing for sure, we are going to witness a different Bo, with all the speculation that her alter ego is now in control. It may well be a sign of things to come but even the aura emitting from Bo’s eyes seems much more intense. The term badass has been bantered about and based on the pre-season trailer for “Lost Girl Season 3,” it seems to be a good fit. Do women badasses get more play? like you, I will be tuning in to find out. I had the opportunity to ask Anna Silk a few questions on Season 3 heading into this Sundays opener for “Lost Girl”.

Jim: First of all Anna, Happy New Year to you from myself and all the readers/viewers of Bulldog Publicity. Your lead role as Bo on “Lost Girl” and the interviews you have graciously done with me have generated readers/feedback from 133 countries. The international thirst for all things Bo and “Lost Girl” is immense and will continue to grow with Season 3. Since it is a New year, I have to know, does Anna Silk set resolutions and if so care to share any?

Bo Leather Be

Bo Leather Be

Anna Silk: No resolutions this year. Not that there is not always room for improvement in one’s life but I feel like I just want to stay on the path I am on.

Jim: Prior to the season 3 opener on Showcase there is (also on Showcase) a one hour special called ConFaedential.I take it this will be a round table discussion with cast members from Season 3 including some New members? There seems to be  a steady buzz heading into this year fueled by the action packed Season 3 preview trailer. Can you give us a snapshot of what the show will deal with?

(Both ConFaedential and “Lost  Girl” Season 3 premiere on Sunday Jan 6, 2013, Show Case, check local listings)

The cast of Season 3 Lost Girl

The cast of Season 3 Lost Girl

Anna Silk: The show is made up of the original 6 cast members and hosted by Jay Firestone our executive producer. Jay is so passionate about the show and it was so much fun to get together with the cast and reminisce about the previous seasons. It’s a fun special and I hope people enjoy it. We had fun making it.

Jim: In the first two seasons of Lost Girl, Bo emerges to discover her roots, to come to terms with being a succubus, but is still noncommittal to her place in the world of the Light/Dark Fae. The one certainty is her devotion to those she loves and for whom she always rises to whatever the challenge. That kind of bravery displays her loyalty despite her confusion as to where her place is. I sense that fighting for others in harms way is in a way therapeutic for Bo and keeps her from obsessing about her own personal demons. In season 3 it appears that Bo is highly agitated and aggressively marking her turf and ready to rule rather than follow. Has Bo gone ballistic with her own empowerment or are other forces at work here? How would you explain the change?

Anna Silk: I can’t really say a lot about this as it will give away too many spoilers. But I can say that in Season 3, Bo faces the biggest challenge of her life and it affects everything.

Jim: With season 3 we see that all “Lost Girl” viewers are up to speed and therefore it will enable all at “Lost Girl” to talk in a current vernacular. How was that for you when speaking at conferences, appearances etc.?  You obviously must be pleased with the international following you and the show have?

Anna Silk: The international fan response to the show has been incredible. We are so lucky to have such dedicated fans who are so excited about these characters and the stories we tell.  Going to fan events is a wonderful experience for me.  It’s great to meet fans in person.

Jim: There is a strong sense of cast chemistry, how important is that? Could you could speak about some of the character growth? Also one of the guest stars this season is Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connors from The Terminator) who in my mind was one of the original ass kicking heroines. How cool was that to work with her and did you go toe to toe with her?

Anna Silk: The cast does have great chemistry. Everyone really loves their own character and each one has had their own journey an evolution from the beginning of the series.  We also have great guest stars and it is always a thrill for me to have people be so excited to be on the show! They often get to play very interesting, colorful roles and have a great time doing it. We did have Linda Hamilton on the show this season. Sadly I did not get to work with her. But she certainly is the original kickass heroine.

Jim: Where is Bo headed in terms of her relationships with Lauren and Dyson? Will this new attitude of Bo’s take her into a multitude of new encounters that befits a succubus on the loose?

Anna Silk: All I can really say about Bo’s relationships is that they are challenged by the nature of her being a Succubus. That love triangle will always be there and will continue evolve in the 3rd season.

New to Season 3
Rachel Skarsten in the role of Tamsin

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Now Available “Never Give Up -The Inspiring Journey Of A real Life Survivor” By Julie Comeau

Now available for Purchase : “Never Give Up-The Inspiring Journey of a Real Life Survivor” By Julie Comeau. Order your copy now by clicking on the attached and going to the order/Paypal section.This book is going to take off, so get your copy now!

” “Never Give Up-The Inspiring Journey Of A Real Life Survivor” By Julie Comeau

“What began as scattered postings on Facebook by Julie describing her early childhood trauma and then her incredible medical nightmare soon became a spiritual rebirth for Julie and thousands who joined her journey to recovery. Her inspiration was contagious and resonated with so many all over the world. Julie’s book is about overcoming the many curve balls life can throw at you. It is the story of one woman’s perseverance to keep pushing ahead amidst a firestorm of adversity, illness and bad luck. It is part autobiographical, part motivational and inspirational and a testament to the human spirit.”

-Jim Lavoie, Bulldog Publicity

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Anna Silk “Bo” Hot Star of TV’s Mega Hit “Lost Girl” Series, Reaches Out To Comfort A Friend!

Julie Comeau Meets Anna Silk (Bo)

By Jim Lavoie

By the number of times I have written about Anna Silk it is more than obvious that I am in awe of her talent and personality. What you might not know is another side of Anna Silk. The side which is filled with humility, caring and compassion for others.

Anna Silk at Fan Expo 2012 “Bo” star of “Lost Girl”
Photo credit ralf vandermeulen

Aside from our professional contact, personally, Anna helped lift me up during a very trying time when my girlfriend was dealing with major health issues. Now, it would be impossible for her to comfort everyone in their times of stress, the volume would be staggering. When she is able, she takes the time to encourage or commiserate with others. To write this insight on her personality is only possible after I assured Anna that the person she reached out to, was in full agreement to share this special time they had with readers.

I would like to introduce you to a truly courageous and remarkable woman, Julie Comeau. She is special to me in many ways but so like many of you (some of you may have read about Julie in an earlier blog posted on this site) who have suffered through illness and physical and emotional trauma in life. Her story is by no means unique but is on many levels so powerful due to what she endured and survived from a very young age. What makes her unique is that she chose to tell her story in hopes of inspiring and motivating others to never surrender…to Never Give Up!

On top of all that she has gone through…..since 2012, she has been coping with her husband Vince, who was in the throes of cancer with a severe prognosis. Vince faced this with courage and preservation, a determination to fight for recovery with Julie and their two sons at her side. When the situation turned dire some very close and caring people arranged a family trip to Toronto for the Comeau family. They were going to see some baseball games and have some much-needed time together. They set out determined to make this time special and find some internal  strength for what lay ahead.

I was glad to see them get the chance to do this and wished I could make their trip somehow more special!  Then it hit me what I could do, so I contacted Anna, explained the situation (Julie and Vince loved “Lost Girl”) and asked her if she had the time to have them on set or something. Her immediate reply was “let me see what I can do.” I called Julie to tell her that I had contacted Anna and that Anna would call Julie in Toronto while she was there. Julie was really excited about them being called by Anna but also knew how busy Anna was. Just the fact that Anna would be taking the time to call her was more than enough for the Comeau family. Anna, though, had ideas of her own which were totally unknown to me. Off to Toronto the Comeau’s flew, upon their return, Julie was bursting at the seams to tell me all about the trip.

Jim: So how was your flight to Toronto? Knowing Vince was in a fragile state but determined to be with his family must have been a mixture of joy and trepidation for you and your two teenage sons.

Julie Comeau: Our flight to Toronto was okay, it was different from any other trip we have taken as this time Vince’s health was not good. There was a lot of care needed during our flight just trying to keep him as comfortable as we possibly could. He was in quite a bit of pain but also was determined to make this trip. During the flight he was a real trooper as he has always been through this whole experience of fighting cancer.

Yes as far as emotions go, it was truly a roller coaster ride.We were really excited to be given the opportunity to be able to be flown into Toronto, but also knowing in our hearts, that it would be our last family trip together. On top of all that, I had been forwarned by his doctors that there were risks due to Vince’s condition that he might pass while we were away. They helped prepare me for that possibility and  his care during the trip and beyond. I had asked him, “Vince are you sure you want to go? And he would say to me, “You’re taking me,” so we went!

Aaron, Julie, Justin & Vince

Justin and Vince playing pool

It was made possible by getting his doctor’s blessing, along with a medical letter. I also had hands on training from the extramural nurses that came into our home to assist. They help with Vince’s care and showed me how to drain his tubes and how to give him his needles etc. Along with me making sure he was as comfortable as possible, by making sure that he was equipped with the most comfortable wheel chair, seat cushions and all the medical supplies that we needed to make this trip. With that I filled two suitcases with medical supplies along with all our luggage and off we went.. It was the DREAM of a LIFETIME and a real WISH come true.

Jim: You stayed in the Marriott downtown, and stayed in a pretty classy suite(s) tell us about the cool features of the room, the privacy, a pool table?

Julie Comeau: Yes we stayed at the Marriott downtown. It was a fabulous hotel, very classy, the room was so beautiful, It was out of this world.  A big thanks to the Douglas Family, Vince’s boss and his wife, that made this all possible. Thank you to the Marriott itself for their generosity. Upon hearing of Vince’s condition  we were put in their Presidential Suite! The room was 1800 square feet and our balcony was 300 square feet and we had a view of the CN Tower right outside our hotel window! Our suite even had a pool table and once again as sick as Vince was he wanted to play pool. The boys pushed him around in his wheel chair as they played game after game until Vince could play no more. His love of our sons gave him the motivation and strength to spend this special time with them.The meals and the attention paid to us was amazing and helped make this time even more special. It was a memory, a moment that will be forever frozen in time.

At the Game – Rogers place (Blue Jays)

Jim: You went to the Skydome (Rogers Place) home of the Toronto Blue Jays to take in a couple of baseball games against the Oakland A’s. First time for all of you ? How was it and did Vince enjoy himself?

Julie Comeau: The Toronto Blue Jays who were made aware of our story, had a team representative provide tickets for 2 Blue Jays Ball games during our stay in Toronto. This in itself was a dream come true. Just for the boys to have had that chance to go to a professional ball game with their Dad for the first and last time. As sick as Vince was he stuck it out. Even during the game I would ask him about his pain level. Although he was hurting enough to leave the ball game early, he wanted to stay. He would say to me, “Just a few more innings,” then say, “look at how happy the boys are.” Once again, this happened because of the Douglas family who made this dream and wish possible for us. It was the best gift that we EVER received which gave us memories to last a life time!

Jim: So, while at the hotel you received a phone call from Anna Silk. Were you surprised she called and what was the call about?

Julie Comeau: The day just continued to get better and the call from Anna just topped it all off.I was absolutely surprised and very excited to be speaking with Anna. Anna called our hotel room and invited us to come on the set of  “LOST GIRL” and told me that she would have her driver pick us up the very next day.

Jim: Unfortunately Vince was too tired and weak from travelling and going to the ball games to go with you. He insisted you go and meet Anna while the boys wanted to take care of their dad. So leaving Vince’s side for the first  time in months you went to where? Who did  you get to meet? What was it like?

Julie Comeau: The plan was for us all to go but, yes unfortunately, Vince was too tired to go and just wanted to rest.  I had a very hard time leaving him for as you mentioned I haven’t left his side ever since the very beginning of his journey. He insisted that I go and said it was okay, and with that I knew it would be okay. I gave our sons instruction and they never left his side, they were so good with him.

Anna’s driver picked me up at the hotel. Dusan was his name and he was incredible, so nice, a kind man, I felt right at home. He drove me to the set of “LOST GIRL” where I got to meet the cast along with Anna’s husband Seth, the directors, writers, editors etc. I also got to meet Anna’s hairdresser and she took me into the trailer that was on set where all the hair and make up were done. Anna also took me inside her personal trailer “BO” where she gave me a special package for our family, signed photo of the cast and t-shirts etc.. She was and is absolutely amazing, she has such an amazing heart. I was truly honoured to meet her and was thrilled to get to hang out on set with her and her castmates just one big group of beautiful people, heart and soul.

Julie’s Visit to “Lost Girl” (Seth, Anna and Julie)

One special moment, somewhat surreal, was sitting down with the headset on and watching Bo (Anna) and Dyson (Kristopher Holden-Reid) do a scene right in front of me. I was so close I could have reached out and touched them. Going from watching “Lost Girl” in my living room to actually being on the set with them was magical!

Jim: First of all Anna, thank you for taking the time to meet with Julie on her very special Comeau family trip. I had no idea you were going to do what you did. Not surprised though knowing the class act person you are. This was a last-minute request from me and you sprung right into it. How did you make it happen and  what were you able to arrange?

Anna: It really wasn’t that difficult actually. You had told me a bit about their story and I wanted to meet Julie. I called the producers and they were more than happy to accommodate. We have a very supportive cast and crew and my driver on the show is one of the nicest people you could meet–so he was happy to do any pick ups and drop offs as needed.

Jim: When Julie got back  she kept saying, “wow is Anna ever a great person, so cool and Seth was great as well, everybody just treated me so great.! I think she is even a greater fan than before of Lost Girl and is in awe of your friendship that has taken off !  What were your thoughts upon meeting her, given the circumstances she was under.

Anna: it was really great to meet Julie. She seems very strong, and is beautiful inside and out. Seth was on set that day too so she wouldn’t be standing around alone–although everyone was pretty happy to meet her that day. I would love to read her book!

Jim: I am sure that you are contacted by so many fans for some sort of personal favor who are undergoing so many different things. I know it is impossible to help them all, but I am also sure it is one of your priorities to acknowledge, in whatever way possible, that you feel your fan’s joy and pain equally. How do you balance that, if time permits?

Anna: well, honestly time doesn’t always permit. I get some wonderful letters and always respond–although sometimes it takes a while. I love reading what people love about the show and I love that Bo is a source of strength for people. We have some great, supportive, and loyal fans and I love to connect with them as much as possible.


A little over three weeks after their family trip to Toronto in the pre-dawn of Saturday, August 11th, 2012 Vince passed away in the arms of his beloved wife of twenty-six years (Julie). He was at home, as was his wish, with his family tending to his every need.

Upon hearing of Vince’s passing I was moved to write the following:

My heart and soul go out to you Julie on learning of Vince passing away on Saturday. This photo says what no words could ever convey about a special couple’s time together. There is a hole in the universe tonight with the loss of a good man, father of Aaron & Justin, husband to Julie and good friend to many myself included.

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Born To Perform: Josh Cruddas is more than fast tracking; he is sprinting to new heights

Meet Jimmy from Ron Maxwell’s “Copperhead”, Kings Landing, New Brunswick, Canada

By Jim Lavoie

Josh Cruddas is Jimmy in the Film Copperhead

Having co-hosted a radio show by the age of six and now landing a principal role in Ron Maxwell’s latest Civil War feature film “Copperhead” before hitting 21, Nova Scotia native Josh Cruddas has set the bar high. He is turning more than a few heads on the set of “Copperhead” during filming at the historic village of Kings Landing in New Brunswick, Canada.

Josh Cruddas, Billy Campbell and Hugh Thompson on the set of Copperhead, Kings Landing, New Brunswick, Canada – Photo by Chris Reardon

Co-Producer John Houston feels there is a bright future for Cruddas.

Copperhead Co-Producer John Houston

“Director Ron Maxwell has a sharp eye for emerging actors and Josh as Jimmy is more than fulfilling expectations.”

A noted director himself, Houston (to be recognized later in 2012 by The Directors Guild of Canada with a lifetime achievement award for an outstanding 40 year career in film http://www.imdb.com/johnhouston/nm0396849/ ) sees only an upside for Cruddas.

“He is young, energetic, personable, multi-talented and has converted his theatrical presence to film very smoothly. He is also a great ambassador for our film by making himself available to the media for interviews; for a young man working with the likes of Billy Campbell, Angus MacFayden and Peter Fonda he is holding his own.”

If this seems like heady stuff for Josh Cruddas, trust me, he definitely has both feet on the ground.

“It’s about adjusting, being observant, appreciating the value of others and how you interact with them” says Cruddas “My family and friends are my touchstone in keeping me on an even keel. After an initial disappointing encounter with the school system my mother decided to “home school” me. She set up a curriculum for me to follow which required self-discipline. She also encouraged my social well being by insisting I have regular interaction with my peers. I think the experience of being home schooled made me feel like a graduate of Life. I have a keen interest, appreciation of music. I took up the piano very early and continue to play on a regular basis” enthused Cruddas. He is currently accredited as a level 9 by the Royal Conservatory of Music. He is a talented composer and has scored a number of short films in Nova Scotia/Los Angeles. “If I can evoke or illicit response from an audience to or about my compositions then that is cool. My appreciation of music led me to co-host a radio show with my mother, which started me out in the world of public entertainment.”

Growing up in Nova Scotia meant plenty of exposure to a vibrant theatrical community if so inclined. The Greater Halifax area is home to many theatrical venues from which Cruddas and his family shared the stage together. Two productions in particular stand out at the Neptune Regional Theatre, for Cruddas.

“I enjoyed my roles in Oliver and The Sound of Music, especially sharing the stage with family members.”

The acting bug then becoming firmly entrenched had Cruddas enrolling in acting/drama at Dalhousie University. He also expanded his acting arsenal to include vocal training including dialects. His Professor at university was Susan Stackhouse who ironically is the dialect coach for “Copperhead”.

“New York accents set in the mid 1800s are a necessity and we have all benefitted from her coaching on Copperhead. I have Skype lessons with her to address any concerns I may have.”

Josh Cruddas talks about his role on “Copperhead” and filming at Kings Landing in this video below:
Copperhead The Movie: directed by Ron Maxwell, screenplay by Bill Kauffman, co-produced by John Houston, based on the Harold Frederic novel ‘Copperhead’

Josh Cruddas as Jimmy on the set of Copperhead, Kings Landing, New Brunswick, Canada – Photo by Chris Reardon

“Although I had appeared on television a few times, “Call Me Fitz”( HBO) amongst them, it was with great delight that I received word from my agent that I was successful in being cast in a Ron Maxwell feature film. Being relatively new in film, what an honor!” (www.copperheadthemovie.com)

The transition from stage to film can be smooth or fraught with pitfalls and for Cruddas it has been an adjustment but it has been fairly smooth.

“I would say in theatre you are constantly projecting to the back of the house or speaking at a volume to fill the venue. In film you must project to the level required, so it is a constant shifting of projection levels. Another big adjustment is with sight lines, whereby in theatre you are constantly in a back of the house mindset with little or no distractions in front of you,” said Cruddas, “In film it is a much more confined area for most scenes and there is a lot going on behind the camera so I have had to adjust accordingly to find the comfort zone. I would say that the major difference is in theatre you have one shot to hit a home run or strike out, the reaction is immediate and a there is a large degree of risk in the process but when you do it, Wow! That is not to say film is more forgiving because the reality is the camera is right on top of you and while a number of takes can happen, that can be time consuming and time is money. It also calls for the ability to run the emotional gauntlet when cued or called for. In theatre I have had difficulty at times in expressing my emotions with tears but some scenes in a film are shot many times so everyone in frame are emoting in cadence. I have finally found the place within to draw from when needed and when cued.”

Plowing Straight Ahead: Josh Cruddas and Billy Campbell on the set of Copperhead, Kings Landing, New Brunswick, Canada – Photo by Chris Reardon

I asked Cruddas if he would like to be in other genres of film/television outside of period pieces and he enthusiastically replied “Love to do a science fiction film, a comedy and certainly another drama like here on “Copperhead”. We have great cast chemistry and enjoy our time together off the set as well. It has been a pleasure to work with the caliber of actors involved in “Copperhead”.

While fate can be fickle, I have faith that Josh Cruddas will be racing ahead with future productions and did I mention he is only 21?

Links for:
Josh Cruddas: https://www.facebook.com/joshcruddas


“Copperhead Links:
Kings Landing: https://www.facebook.com/KingsLandingHistory
Movie Vine: www.movievine.com/movies/bill-kauffman-adapts-a-classic-novella-for-director-ron-maxwells-copperhead-civil-war-drama-like-none-before/
Copperhead Web Site: www.copperheadthemovie.com
Copperhead Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/CopperheadTheMovie
Bulldog Publicity: http://www.nbfilmcoop.com/jim_lavoie/Welcome.html click on blog

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“Is Laurens BO call her Faetal Attraction? Zoie Palmer – “Lost Girl”

By Jim Lavoie

Zoie Palmer


“Lost Girl” scoops up a third season!

“Lost Girl” Mid-season finale (season 2) December 18 – returns January 22, 2012!

“Lost Girl” premieres in the United States January 16, 2012 on Syfy!

Now Back to “Faes of our Life”

Anna Silk stars as “Bo” in the runaway hit series “Lost Girl” which is the most watched original series on SHOWCASE. Bo was living what she considered a normal life with her adoptive parents and friends, that is until she literally kills her boyfriend in a first time sexual experience. Suddenly she is thrust into the unknown world of the Fae. Bo is a sexy, sultry, yet sensitive Succubus. She is a female demon who feeds on the sexual energy of mortals. She discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore, who pass as humans while feeding off them in secret, as they have for millennia.

Relieved yet horrified to discover she is not alone, Bo decides to take the middle path between the humans and the Fae while embarking on a personal mission to unlock the secrets of her origins. The chaotic, bizarre world of the Fae, both light and dark, is totally foreign to Bo. To repay protection provided by those who initially offered her refuge, she quickly acclimatizes herself to the Fae inner sanctum, she must be a wizened player to obtain sources to fulfill her personal quests. As she is doing so during season one she is undergoing a personal transformation on the fly; one that will truly impact on the dynamics of her relationships with Dyson and Lauren.

Dr Lauren Lewis (the smoking hot Zoie Palmer) is in the employ of the Fae and retained for her scientific knowledge. She is very serious about her treatment of a Succubus gone wild or better yet never tamed who is called Bo (the oh so hot Anna Silk). Her task, at least on the surface, is to curb/temper the insatiable thirst Bo has to feed on the “Chi” (sexual energy of others) often resulting in death for her willing victims. The good doctor has her own personal agenda in regulating/guiding Bo’s deadly lust!

Zoie Palmer & Anna Silk

However, she is finding out that Bo’s quest to determine her origin, meeting her birth mother in an explosive confrontation, her determination to retain a non-committal position outside of light or dark Fae influences have all changed Bo’s perspectives/visions of her sense of belonging. Bo’s spreading her wings, fighting to establish and maintain neutrality in her life amongst the Fae. This new found independence may impact their relationship and ignite new passions.

In preparing for this interview, with Zoie Palmer I found myself constantly jumping back and forth to previous film and TV productions she had worked on. I had this feeling that it seemed somehow pre-ordained that she would be part of “Lost Girl.” That somehow all the parts she had done in the past came together in her role as Dr. Lauren Lewis. Zoie Palmer is one smart, witty, independent woman with a free and forward thinking disposition which she dispenses on her terms. I totally enjoyed this interview with Zoie, so having said that; enjoy!

Zoie Palmer

Jim: Thank you Zoie for taking time out to answer my questions. Especially considering the second season for all of you on “Lost Girl” is a marathon of sorts! Twenty-two episodes in all. How are you holding up with all of this?

Zoie: Well, for me it’s not as demanding as I am not in every day and not in every episode. Anna on the other hand is extraordinary, not only is she in every day and nearly in every scene, and learning combat and sword fighting etc, she does it all with a smile despite the fact that there must be days she’s exhausted, you’d never know it, she’s just innately such a kind and happy person.

Jim: You were born in England, daughter to parents of Irish and British descendants. Your younger years were spent in schools in England. Were you involved in drama and theatre, at that time? You then moved to Canada where you attended high school and later graduated from the York University Theatre Program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Was it to your advantage to have experienced some theatrical basics/training in Britain and incorporate that into your North American creative development?

Zoie: I actually moved to Canada with my parents and sister when I was much younger. I was nine when we moved and yes I most definitely had the acting bug at that age, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t. Well, there was that brief period where I thought I might own and run a coffee shop and then the time when I was seven that I told my parents that I didn’t need a job, that I was going to marry my classmate Josh. To prove to them how serious I was I took band-aids out of the first aid kit and shoved them in my bag, y’know to show them that I understood the responsibilities of marriage. Josh, wherever you are, I hope you have band-aids.

I didn’t study theatre until I was in university here in Canada. I had done community theatre and local classes growing up and I took every drama class I could in high school, thank you Mr. Kevin West for your belief in me. The only training I had in Britain was putting on plays for the priest and my mortified parents in our living room. I’m pretty sure that’s where any success I’ve had has come from, he was always so enthusiastic, thanks Father Mulvany!

Jim: Your role as a Bar Keep in the Showcases series “XIII” came with you possessing a strong Irish dialect. Came naturally I guess, but you must have enjoyed the Irish backdrop to the show?

Zoie: That was great fun to shoot and getting the opportunity to use my Irish accent was a blast. The only time I ever use it is when I’m talking to or visiting my mother. She lives in Ireland so when she calls me on the phone, I immediately become a leprechaun. I worked with the lovely Stuart Townsend who is the lead on “XIII.” He is Irish playing an American, so between him trying to keep his Irish at bay and I trying to conceal my North American it was all a bit silly, but I think over all it went pretty well and Stuart is a great guy.

Jim: You have an excellent acting resume in television and a rapidly growing film repertoire. As I mentioned in the beginning of this interview a number of your previous roles seem as if they were shaped to prepare you for the role of Dr. Lauren Lewis on “Lost Girl.” For example, your role as Carly Crieg on “The Guard” had you playing a kick ass Coast Guard rescuer while on CTV’s “Instant Star” you portrayed the goth musician Patsy. Sounds like you most certainly could identify or align with the roles of Bo and Kenzi on “Lost Girl”. You have dealt with the occult and mythology in the film “Devil” and in the TV series “Plague Hip of Vade”. Obviously this role gave you much to draw from, or was your preparation for your role on “lost Girl” from a completely different source?

Zoie: I sort of feel like every role I have done prepares me for the current one, whatever the genre may be. Playing different characters allows me to open up my imagination in a way that has certainly served me well for “Lost Girl.” Although I play a human on “Lost Girl”, Lauren is in a very different world, and as an actor, in order for me to find truth in what is at times so unbelievable I must open my mind and expand upon what I draw from my own real experiences. In so many ways the characters of “Lost Girl” are very similar to people we all know and love and of course, sometimes hate. They all have feelings that we can relate to and it is here where I begin my process of creating the character.

Jim: The love/lust triangle between Lauren and Bo and Bo and Dyson has entered new parameters especially with Bo’s new found confidence in adapting to the way of the Fae. Will we be seeing more of a break up to make up type of relationship between Lauren and Bo? If so is it possible Lauren may embark on a little fact finding of her own with another in
“Lost Girl” to determine if a Succubus has feelings of jealousy? Your relationship is heading where?

Zoie: The love triangle between Bo, Lauren and Dyson is definitely evolving and growing as the characters learn more about each other and as Bo learns more about herself. Where the relationships are heading is hard to say. I can’t say too much about what I do know but I will say that the intensity will continue and the stakes will increase and I think the characters have to face feelings and decisions they never expected… dun dun dun (If there were a piano, I’d be banging at it right now, y’know, the “dun dun dun” number. Great tune.

Jim: I recently watched a clip of you and Anna Silk, in Florida doing a press conference to promote “Lost Girl” being released on the American Syfy channel in Jan 2012. I was struck by how much you two are alike in some mannerisms yet totally distinct in others. You appear calm and reserved yet there is the devil in your eyes? I somehow sense that there is a mutual bond/chemistry between Anna and yourself? Your thoughts on working with Anna on “Lost Girl”?

Zoie: Devil in my eyes you say? I’m definitely attracted to the mysteries of this world, I love life and I’ll try almost anything once. I find excitement in life, there’s so much out there and I want to see it, experience it, and touch it… and, so maybe that’s what you see. I mostly feel a huge amount of gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given. I am beyond lucky and I never want to lose sight of that.

My thoughts on working with Anna? Simply put, I adore Anna. We’ve become close throughout this experience of filming “Lost Girl.” She’s kind and thoughtful and empathetic all the while being talented, amazingly funny and completely beautiful. Anna and I knew each other loosely over the years before coming together and working on this project and when I found out that she would be playing the part of “Bo” I was thrilled. I can’t think of another person better for the job, she has the talent and confidence to be the lead of this series while remaining entirely humble in the face of the completely overwhelming response we’ve had from amazing fans all over the world.

Jim: Anna told me recently, “Zoie is a lovely person, actress and friend. She brings it on, on set! I had seen Zoie at various auditions over the years but what a pleasure to get to know her and work with her.”

Zoie Palmer & Anna Silk

Jim: If you could say anything to your legions upon legions of team Lauren fans/”Lost Girl” fans what would it be?

Zoie: Thank-you, thank-you and thank-you! I am so grateful to the people who watch this show and support the character that I play. It means so much to me, more than I can likely convey. I know very well that without the people who tune in every week to watch the show I would be without this job. I have received all kinds of letters from people who watch the show and for one reason or another this character has touched them and I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to play her. I know there is a large gay/lesbian bi-sexual and transgendered community out there who see this show as one of very few that depicts the community in a real, honest and meaningful way. This is so much a testament to the talent, commitment and open mindedness of the show’s creator Michelle Lovretta and our extraordinary producers Jay Firestone, Wanda Chaffey and Vanessa Piazza and of course our obscenely talented team of writers. They are the people who should be applauded for this. It is a privilege for me to play Lauren, a privilege I am very grateful for 🙂

Jim: I recently watched the trailer, “The Untitled Work of Paul Shepherd,” a role for which you have received a nomination for an ACTRA Award. You starred in this and I found you mesmerizing in it. For those who haven’t seen this yet, give us a quick synopsis please?

Zoie: TUWOPS in a movie written, directed and edited by the very talented Jeremy Lalonde. It is also the first movie that Kris Holden Reid and I did together. Kris plays a guy who is making a documentary about love and so decides to go back and interviews all of his past girlfriends and learns perhaps a bit more about love then he was expecting to or perhaps even wanted to. I play one of his ex-girlfriends Haley who feels a touch wronged by Paul and who’s life has not turned out at all how she hoped and despite Paul coming to ask her a lot of questions for his doc, she ends up putting him in the hot seat and asking a few of her own. Asking/shouting…what’s the difference right???? “

Check out and join Zoie Palmer at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zoie-Palmer-Fan-Page/102068516497600

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I’ve Seen It On The Movie Vine: Director Richard Gabai “Insight”, Canadian Beauty Jessica Cameron and “Lost Girl”

I enjoy writing articles for Movie/Entertainment Vine http://www.movievine.com primarily because I get to work for and with Wendy Shepherd. Who, besides being one of the coolest people I know is a mentor, guide and most of all a friend to me. She has always taken the time to lend me her expertise yet allows me to express/write in my style which coming from her is high praise from someone I look up to. Elsewhere in these blogs in Bulldog Publicity you will find a two-part blog/interview on Wendy Shepherd. Take the time to learn about this amazing woman and trail blazer which has me referring to her as the “On-Line Media Guru.”

The other interesting aspect of being part of the crew at Movie/Entertainment Vine is reading other writer’s articles and appreciating their different writing styles. They all do a great job with reviews, interviews and are on top of all the latest news in film/television/entertainment. It is where I go for my first look at trailers, reviews, interviews, announcements and you should give it a try or at least take a look.

Take a look at the 3 articles I have done to date for Movie Vine and this is also a great way to introduce the nearly 5,000 viewers of Bulldog Publicity Blogs/Interviews to my home away from home.

The Premiere of “Insight”, Director Richard Gabai is All In
By Jim Lavoie, Aug 15, 2011

The premiere release for Check Entertainment Distribution is the latest film from veteran award winning Independent Filmmaker Richard Gabai. The film is called “Insight” and hit the big screen on September 2, 2011 (selected theatres). Prior to discussing his new film “Insight”, which is causing a large buzz on social media sites, I spoke with Richard Gabai on the path traveled to date.

Jim: Who inspires you as a director?

Richard Gabai: Hitchcock, Scorsese, Spielberg. I know those are kind of cliché names but I’m just being honest.

Jim: Richard you literally have cut your teeth in the always challenging world of the Independent filmmaker. For years Indie Films were associated with low budget, meaning lesser quality. That may have held water then but along came breakout Indie films like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch blowing away box office sales. It has forced Major Studio Productions to… (To read more click on the following link) http://www.movievine.com/movies/the-premiere-is%E2%80%9D-insight%E2%80%9D-director-richard-gabai-is-all-in-by-jim-lavoie/)

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Jessica Cameron: Beauty Trumps Terror!
by Jim Lavoie, Aug 8, 2011

Jessica Cameron is currently blazing a red hot trail through the immensely popular genre of the horror film world. Rapidly becoming a force in film; the beautiful, talented, and sexy Jessica Cameron has had more than 50 productions in a span of a couple of years, including features, commercials, television and web series. It seems like every week there is an interview/article talking to or highlighting this vicarious and candid actresses latest production or some type of recognition is being directed her way. I don’t think she knows the words rest and relax or chill because it is pedal to the metal 24/7 for this relentless ball of energy. Besides being talented and drop dead gorgeous, she is razor sharp and will speak her mind willingly and to the point. Don’t even think of trying to put her in some stereotypical blonde ditz corner because she might easily drop… (To read more click on the following link) http://www.movievine.com/news/jessica-cameron-beauty-trumps-terror/

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Ready to Have Your World Rocked by A Sultry, Sexy, Succubus called “Bo?” Anna Silk and the Television Series “Lost Girl” Cross All Borders Soon!
by Jim Lavoie, Jul 17, 2011

“Lost Girl” fever is sweeping the globe! Initially felt only by Canadians; it has now turned into what can be only termed a “Fandemic”. Australian Sc-fi officials are reporting their mates are succumbing already based on first viewing results and Syfy will be releasing it to the American viewing public in the near future. So what is causing this to happen and is it preventable? Simply put no! In what can be described as Goth/Occult meet “Moonlighting” premised on mythology and folklore “Lost Girl” is a high risk, high reward program which throws convention out the window. The dialogue is sharp and witty, double edged innuendo abounds, a sexual smorgasbord for all tastes is always open and other out of world guests are dropping in on a moments notice leading us is the heroine Bo (Anna Silk). Bo has lived an average, normal life, feeling great about herself until…(To read more click on the following link)

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All Roads Lead To Fredericton to the Silver Wave Film Festival, November 3rd-6th, 2011

Silver Wave 2011

Ride the Laughter Express as “Omaha Fly By” is Right On Track!
By Jim Lavoie

Omaha Fly By

In the relatively short time that I have been involved in film, as part of a production or covering film, the one format/style that has steadily risen in popularity and quality is that of the short film. It is amazing, given the parameters short films are guided by, to see the high caliber, (technical, script, talent) shorts covering all genres. The attention to detail meets and sometimes exceeds a feature as the theme, story, plot and conclusion must be tightly woven expediently and efficiently to hit its mark. What used to be referred to as “The Calling Card” for first time filmmakers have repeatedly propelled many to be noticed early in their filmmaking career…

I wanted to verse myself in the mindset of producing a short and thought I would speak to Lita Llewellyn. Her film “Omaha Fly By” was accepted into the Atlantic Film Festival and screened on September 18 and September 21 in Halifax Nova Scotia. The film headed to Halifax with The CBC 3-2-1 2010 award attached to it and a number of sponsors behind it, including Bulldog Publicity, and has generated a growing buzz on its journey.

Jim: Briefly describe what this CBC 3-2-1 award is about and your feelings on having your film win this type of recognition? Not only do you carry this title to Festivals but does it also include having it aired on the CBC network?

Lita: This award is a wonderful way to connect filmmakers in the province to a wider audience and larger spectrum. Because you are learning how to work with a broadcaster, it is a lot to learn, but an amazing opportunity. We feel very lucky to be part of this award! As for festivals, we have plans to apply to several specific fests, and yes…we are thrilled that Omaha is going to be broadcast on CBC this fall and will be put on “Download” as well!

Jim: Tell me a bit of the background on “Omaha Fly By,” its theme, development, fine tuning and finally filming?

Lita: Omaha’s original script was brainstormed in a Writer’s Room, as part of a Training Programme with the NB Filmmaker’s Co-op. We’d been trying to bring it to light for a while and when we won the award, we were extremely pleased to have the opportunity to do so. As a first-time producer, this helped me immensely and the CBC has been fantastic to work with. I think on our set and certainly in post-production, we have all worn different hats. You learn fast how to interchange them!

Jim: Lita, you act in this film; as an experienced television and film actress nothing new for you, but for the first time you put on the producer’s hat. What did you do to take on this new task by way of preparation and your thoughts on the experience?

Lita: (laughs) Well, nothing prepares you for the actual producing work that happens in real time. I’d mentored under a couple of wonderful producer/directors and learned a great deal that way I also took a fantastic producing workshop from Camelia Frieberg. She talked a lot about the great stuff in producing but also to learn how to make big decisions in the moment and how to put out fires. Sometimes multiple fires at once! It really is a hands-on-take-everything-as-it-comes kind of experience and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. I was also well-prepared and had a fantastic team working with me so that helped a lot. And I definitely know what I will and won’t do next time!

Jim: One aspect I really enjoy about Omaha Fly By is the locations you used and if any readers of this article are from Fredericton you will know where some of the scenes were shot. The music, the backgrounds blend so well, it has the tactile feel of actually being part of the whole process. What was it like in terms of cooperation from private businesses and any in particular you want to give a shout out to?

Lita: Oh I’m so glad you see that! We worked really hard to find locations that kind of already embraced how we wanted the scene to look on film. We chose The Capital and BOOM! In Fredericton and thankfully they were willing to work with us. They were both so accommodating and we were happy to be able to include popular Fredericton social scenes in the film.

Jim: Humour in a short comedy requires pinpoint timing and delivery. Did the cast have that instant bonding required to put it all together and feed off each others energy and styles. Was there room for improve and if so did the script allow for such. Were their any big surprises along the way or something that really stood out in your mind?

Lita: I have to say that both cast and crew were phenomenal. The crew were comfortable with each other and many had worked together before and I think that made the cast even more comfortable and offered a really safe playground for a lot of the scenes as this is a comedy with a lot of whacky stuff going on. The cast themselves gave so much to these characters and the actors really “got” the script immediately. I wanted to keep the work as fresh as possible so we went with a lot of takes!

Rehearsal was kept to a minimum and we budgeted lots of on-set time. Parts of the footage were so hard to leave on the editing room floor. Some of the moments are so real, so fresh and just very funny. I’m really looking forward to the blooper reel.

Jim: Ok, so you wrapped and then it’s post time. I understand this is where CBC and their expertise stepped up, big time. Your thoughts on this experience?

Lita: When we wrapped I knew that would be when a lot of the work would start. As this aspect of filmmaking was so new to me, the folks at CBC were so great. I learned so much. They invited both John and I to the Halifax studio to spend time with our editor, Keith Bradley, and he was so patient and generous with his time. He invited me to stay for several days and work with him in the editing suite and I had a blast. Peter Hall has been so supportive as well, and mentored me on the occasional decision. I was happy to learn how pleased they were with the film and hope it goes far. And none of this would have been possible without Cat Leblanc and Tony Merzetti—they have been a huge mentor for me and lent me their previous expertise and as we went along in the process. This has been a very exciting and amazing journey!

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BO’dacious “BO” BOcomes Showcase Sweetheart & Scores Second Season, As “Lost Girl” Sky Rockets Television Ratings for Specialty Channels!

This is Bulldog Publicity’s final installment special or as old Jimbo likes to call it, “Anna Silk Week” and I hope you have been brought up to speed on our “Bo” as Season 2 begins tonight (Sept 4th) here in Canada. For the viewers in Australia and the United Kingdom welcome to the awesome world of “Lost Girl” as you get the opportunity to view Season one.

This blog deals with end of Season One and looking ahead to the premiere of Season 2. You can check out previous blogs on Anna Silk, Lost Girl, and many very talented actors, actresses, etc by clicking on my website at: http://www.nbfilmcoop.com/jim_lavoie/Welcome.html

Kenzi, Bo and Trick

Bo with her full Posse on Lost Girl

I would like to take this time to thank Anna for taking the time to chat with me and allowing me to do a number of interviews with her over the past three years. She is truly as down to earth as she is talented and poised!

In this blog I also had the pleasure of speaking with the creator/Executive Producer of “Lost Girl”, Michelle Lovretta and also the extremely talented Kris Holden-Reid (Dyson) about season One.

Jim Lavoie: What do you like to do on the rare day(s) off?

Anna Silk:
Days off are certainly rare! But I really try and take a whole afternoon and evening off on Saturdays and just make plans with friends or go out to dinner with my husband and some other friends. It’s really important for me to forget about acting for a day so that I have renewed energy and creativity when I come back to set after the weekend.” (September 2, 2011)

“Lost Girl” Season One Is The Number One Ratings Champion For Scripted Drama Of All Specialty Channels! Season Two Is A Done Deal
Telegraph Journal December 30, 2010
By Jim Lavoie

“LOST GIRL” has found an audience.

Since the supernatural shows smashing debut in September 2010, this drama has become a stellar performer for Showcase. Attracting more than 700.000 viewer’s weekly-many in the coveted 25-54 demographic.

“Lost Girl captivated Showcase viewers right out of the gate with its fiery cast of characters and gripping plot twists,” says Christine Shipton, senior vice-president of drama and factual content at Shaw Media. “We are so proud of this homegrown hit and it is a thrill to renew it for what is sure to be a spellbinding second season.”

Jay Firestone, Executive Producer, says Fredericton’s Anna Silk who plays the shows lead Bo, a stunning succubus who feeds on humans sexual energy, has helped secure the show’s legions of fans. “The record breaking ratings and second season renewal are a great reward for a series that takes risks with unconventional storylines and a complex female heroine” he says.

Fredericton Freelance writer and blog monster Jim Lavoie recently spoke with Silk, Michelle Lovretta, the show’s creator and executive producer and actor Kris Holden-Reid, who plays Dyson in the show.

Jim first spoke to Anna in LA.

Anna Silk returns as Bo in Lost Girl for Season 2

Jim Lavoie: How does it feel to be the star of the number one rated series and to be renewed for a second season?

Anna Silk: Well I was certainly thrilled when we got renewed for a second season. I think we did so much in the first and now have so many places we can go in the second. The relationships are deeper and richer and there is still so much to be explored. Poor Bo doesn’t even know what she may be in for yet.

Jim Lavoie: The show creates a whole new world based on mythology, one that viewers have obviously bought into, Why do you think the show has been so well received?

Anna Silk: At the end of the day people are drawn to the relationships on the show. If people are on board for those, then the circumstances that the characters find themselves in only heighten how those relationships develop. I think that’s what has drawn people in.

Jim Lavoie: What is it like to work with creator Michelle Lovretta?

Anna Silk: Michelle is a great woman and one very cool chick! I feel like Bo belongs to her and I loved her from the start. She created a very strong and dynamic character.

Jim Lavoie: How do you relate to your character and how would you describe Bo?

Anna Silk: Bo is a role model and what I love about her is her sense of loyalty, and she also has this strong sense of justice that often gets her into trouble. She will not take no for an answer and stands up for what she believes in. She struggles to embrace who and what she is and I think that journey is something that people can relate to, and one I am proud of.

Jim next spoke to Michelle Lovretta, the show’s creator and executive producer about Lost Girl’s success and what to expect in season 2.

Jim Lavoie: With so many popular shows on air now about the supernatural, how did you feel “Lost Girl” would distinguish itself from the pack?

Michelle Lovretta: Since we are an urban fantasy show, we were a bit worried at first that people would lump us into the vamp craze and we would get lost, but I think we’ve carved out our own little niche.

The network’s pre-launch support was fabulous and a great way to kick the season off. Even then you have no guarantee an audience will find you and stay with you. It is always a bit scary and unpredictable until the numbers come in. So, I’m thrilled about our viewership, and also the way our fans have embraced us and become a strong presence online.

Jim Lavoie: You cast Anna Silk as Bo. How does her portrayal compare to the Bo of your mind’s eye?

Michelle Lovretta: Because it can help focus me, I sometimes “cast” a character in my head early in the writing stage. It isn’t always an actress-sometimes I tear out magazine ads, samples of wardrobes or models that fit the vibe I am going for and put them up around my desk as inspiration.

I am sure I did that with Bo, But, the original Bo in my head-and the original “Lost Girl” concept, as well – was darker, playing to a more adult audience. What the original character was missing, I think, was nuance and a relatable, vulnerable core. The ability to hurt and to love.

Anna brings that in spades, I love the little touches she adds in the Kenzi scenes, how affectionate and loving she is with her. I also love knowing that if anyone harmed Kenzi, Bo would go Amazon Destroyer Queen on their ass, and that we can trust Anna to bring us there.

Bo and Kenzi

Jim Lavoie: Season 2 will bring….. (in order to not spoil anything for those just watching Season One the answer by Michelle Lovretta has been abbreviated)

Michelle Lovretta: Y’know, I‘m not completely sure where we will go in Season two yet. It is not entirely up to me, but I’m probably more excited than anyone to find out…

Season one posed the dilemma between Bo and Dyson: intense sexual satisfaction or real love? Also, I think we have all been in that gut-wrenching position of seeing someone we’ve fallen hard for, potentially moving on into someone else’s arms. We might be interested in taking Bo there, testing her mettle.

She has had a stunted emotional life in the past because of her succubus nature, preventing any real relationships. so Season 2 will likely see her mature some. But for most of us, that process is bittersweet and not without pain.

Jim next spoke to Kris Holden –Reid (Dyson) in Toronto:

Kris Holden Reid is Dyson in Lost Girl

Jim Lavoie: You have appeared in historical mini-series such as “Ben Hur” and “The Tudors”. You’ve also played contemporary characters such as Wayne Gretzky in “Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story” and Noel Redding in” Hendrix”. How did you prepare for the role of “Dyson”?

KHR: I love playing historical characters because they come with a responsibility to the public’s perception. With a character like Dyson, the beauty is that I am only responsible to my own imagination and the story. Dyson was and continues to be great fun to prepare. I love the physical aspect of this role. It allows me to personify the supernatural and to embrace the imagined powers of it. Very fun.

Jim Lavoie: What do you attribute Lost Girl’s success to and where do you think it might go in Season 2?

KHR: People love fantasy, it gives us a chance to dream, and I think the world we have created with Lost Girl is quite fresh and diverse and appeals to many kinds of people. I hope Season 2 takes us into more intense territory. I am hoping for more and deepened character interaction.

Jim Lavoie: Dyson and Bo fire up the screen with passion, humor, wordplay and body language. What is it like to work with Anna?

KHR: Anna and I, though we have different styles, have great respect for each other, I think that is the basis for our relationship both on and off screen. She is a delight to work with, both generous and considerate, not to mention very talented. As Bo we share a great intensity and as Anna we share comradeship. I look forward to continuing to create our crazy little world on Lost Girl with her next season and I hope the viewers enjoy it too.

Bo and Dyson in Lost Girl

Dyson and Bo can't stay away from each other

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Season One Premiere “Lost Girl”- Getting To “Bo” You! – “Anna Silk” Week on Bulldog Publicity

http://www.facebook.com/TheRealAnnaSilk Join today it is the the Real Anna Silk page!

Jim: So here we are at the start of Season I. In order to prepare physically for the role of Bo what sort of training did you take up or continue? Kickboxing and martial arts are involved and you wield an assortment of weapons with ease. Do you do your own stunts?

Anna Silk as "Bo" in Season I

Anna Silk: I trained with a trainer in LA for overall strength and fitness about 3 days a week and then closer to production I trained for about 6 weeks 3 or 4 times a week with an amazing martial artist who also does fight choreography for film and TV. We trained early in the morning in Griffith Park which was really beautiful and it would be all misty in the mornings and we would often have coyotes watching us train. He taught me a lot about how to move and make it believable. Also, the stunt team on our show is amazing and I have an amazing stunt double. I do most of my own stuff but when it comes to something really complicated or that involves too much risk, my awesome double steps in. (Sept 1, 2011)

Television: Fredericton native Anna Silk stars as sexy succubus in new series “Lost Girl”
Telegraph Journal, Cover page, September 4, 2010
By Jim Lavoie

When opportunity knocked, Anna Silk didn’t just answer it. She tackled it, sunk her teeth into it and owned it. Silk, fresh off her sexy, Gemini-nominated role as seductress Cassidy in “Being Erica”, is now the star of her own television series, “Lost Girl”, premiering September 12 on Showcase.

The Fredericton native plays “Bo” a sexy, sultry, yet sensitive Succubus –a sort of female demon who feeds on the sexual energy of mortals. She discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore, who pass as humans while feeding off them in secret, as they have for millennia. Relieved yet horrified to discover she is not alone, Bo decides to take the middle path between the humans and the Fae while embarking on a personal mission to unlock the secrets of her origins.

This latest gig is far removed from Silk’s hilarious, whacked out role as a frustrated flight attendant trying to quit smoking on a popular Nicoderm commercial or her hookup on “Being Erica”. She had to literally step into a whole new world, versing herself in the volumes of materials citing, the legend, myths, and traits of the succubus.

“I definitely did my research,” she said recently from Toronto, where she co-hosted the Gemini nominations press conference. “The mythology is very interesting in terms of all the different creatures and their powers.” Silk said she relates to “Bo”, who she describes as an every day girl in many ways.

Anna Silk is Bo

“She is a very strong character but I think most of it comes from her vulnerability” she said, “I can totally relate to that, She is very determined, loyal and will do just about anything for the people she cares about.”

Being the main character on a television series also means being in character much of the time. Silk said she loved shooting the first season. “ A typical day sees us start at 5-6am and goes well into the evening” she said “It takes six to seven days to film an episode and you become so immersed in the whole thing. When we shoot a fight scene, which is a lot of fun, well, that can take a long time but is so worth it!” “What you have to learn to do is pace yourself and know when to rest. Then give it your all when you need to” Silk said this is important because the pace is so much faster than working on a feature film and in some ways more difficult.

Silk raves about her fellow actors on “Lost Girl-in particular Kris Holden-Reid who plays Dyson and Ksenia Solo who plays Kenzi.

“Kris is very strong and was always a caring and supportive actor and he makes Dyson so damn Sexy” she exclaimed “Ksenia is one of the loveliest people I have ever met. She is such a delight to know and work with.”

Silk is rightfully proud of the pedigrees of her fellow actors. Holden-Reid played Sir William Crompton on CBC’s “The Tudors”, Giles in a “Touch of Pink”, and Jack in “A Stone’s Throw”; He starred with Kate Hudson in “Gossip” and portrayed Wayne Gretzky in “The Walter Gretzky Story”.

Solo was acting by age five and involved in many popular youth shows. At 18, she became the only two- time consecutive Gemini Award Winner for best performance in a youth television series, for her work on Renegadesareus.com. She has appeared on Cold Case, The Cleaner, Moonlight, and Earth’s Final Conflict, also alongside John Cusak in The Factory. She worked with Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”, screening at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Bo andn Dyson in Lost Girl

Bo and Kenzi in Lost Girl

Silk said those who tune in to watch the first episode of “Lost Girl” September 12th will find a little something for everyone. “I think the audience will relate and be surprised by many of the things that happen. We had such a great group of actors bringing it every day!”

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Anna Silk “BO”fore “Lost Girl”- Anna Silk Week Aug 31-Sept 4th

To start off Anna Silk Week here at Bulldog Publicity which takes us right up to the Season 2 launch of “Lost Girl”, I thought I would take you along the fantastic trail Anna has blazed since my first interview with her in 2009. I had the chance to ask Anna a new question, each day, prior to the feature article of the day. If you are a fan of Anna Silk then you should join Anna on Face Book http://www.facebook.com/TheRealAnnaSilk

Just 3 years ago, when you and I did our first interview, with “Lost Girl” still on the Horizon, did you have any idea or feeling that the journey ahead would unfold as it has?

Anna Silk: I had no idea this journey would unfold! I knew “Lost Girl” was special but didn’t realize how much the audience would embrace this show and embrace the characters. They have really taken ownership of it and we are really excited to bring them Season 2, Aug 30, 2011

As smooth as silk, Anna Silk’s career is on fire
Published Thursday November 5th, 2009, HERE, NB
Buckle up, this New Brunswicker is going to the top
By Jim Lavoie

Fredericton native Anna Silk has made her fans laugh, love and lust along with on her rocketing ride to the top of the television acting chain.

From the whacked out stewardess in the hilarious and famous Nicoderm commercial to her smoking hot Gemini nominated role, as Cassidy on CBCs’ “Being Erica’, It has all now culminated to her being the star of her own sci-fi TV series called “Lost Girl on Showcase”.


Anna Silk as Cassidy in Bring Erica

Silk has signed on to star in the show starting in 2010. The pilot for “Lost Girl” was very, very well received and has resulted in production commencing in 2009. Filming will take place in Toronto. In a phone conversation from Los Angeles, an obviously proud Silk couldn’t hide her excitement.

“This show and this type of a character is really a dream come true for me! (My character) is a very strong woman and there are so many great roles on this show. It is a very interesting world full of such rich characters – I can’t wait to get started!”

“Lost Girl” is a 13-part series in which Silk stars as Bo. She is a Succubus, which is a life force that feeds off of the sexual energy of people, but she is different in that she was secretly raised by humans who have domesticated her to society’s norm. Her day-to-day existence is fighting off her inbred need to prey on her adopted world mates. She must resist the supernatural forces of the clan by birthright to become a true Succubus. Her very existence will depend on tracking down her birth mother and unlocking the dark secrets of her origin. Many fans and interested viewers are anxiously awaiting the debut of the show.

Silk is also an established movie actor and has worked with George Clooney and Alex Baldwin, to name just a few from her dozen movies. In fact, at the time of this writing she was gearing up to go act in a new movie being shot in South Carolina in November. She is a very busy lady and in fact the following Q&A was compiled from Fredericton, Toronto, and Los Angeles telephone interviews.

Anna Silk is a veteran actress

[HERE]: Anna Congrats on your engagement. The lucky guy is Seth Cooperman, please fill us in about him.

Anna Silk: Well, my fiancé is amazing! He is originally from New York. He is also an actor and a writer and very good at what he does.

(HERE): Your mother Ilkay is a legendary theatrical presence, sister Mandy is a rising singer, any other Silks in the spotlight or about to be?

(Anna): Well, I think all the Silks are raising stars! I think we come from a family of very creative people who are also driven and disciplined to do the work that is so necessary to accomplish your dreams.

(HERE): Growing up, was acting or performing your passion and calling? Did you feel you were destined to be in films/TV?

(Anna): I was always fascinated by acting, but never really thought it was something I could do. I was more a quiet observer of it. It wasn’t until I finished university that the drive really kicked in. I really wanted to start pursuing it as a very real and wonderful career.

(HERE): At what age did you start or take up acting and where?

(Anna): I moved to Toronto when I was 25 and started taking classes. Once I started auditioning I realized very quickly that the other women my age had resumes that were much longer than mine. I was up against a lot!

(HERE): Any role models growing up in your formative years?

(Anna): Well, my mother certainly. But also my entire family really. When I was younger some of my babysitters I thought were pretty cool as well. Also, I was fortunate enough to grow up sitting in the theatre while my mom was directing. So, I was able to watch her direct and also see so many great performers. The thing that struck me the most about them was just how brave everyone was.

(HERE): Any actors that inspire you?

(Anna): The actors that inspire me the most are actually my immediate peers. The people I see out at every audition that keep doing it despite how difficult it is.

Anna Silk gets her inspiration from her fellow actors

(HERE): Of all the movies you have seen, can you pick the “one”?

(Anna): Hmmmm … that’s a tough one! I love “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Audrey Hepburn is just so charming. I also really love just about anything Kate Winslet is in.

(HERE): When you are not studying scripts, what do you like to read?

(Anna): The Life of Pi by Yann Martel is one of my favourites! It’s one I can revisit a lot and experience it differently each time.

(HERE): Favourite music or singer?

(Anna): Well, of course my favorite singer is Mandy Silk! I do like country music but also stuff from a few decades ago like Led Zeppelin. I would love to hear Mandy cover some Zeppelin.

(HERE): By the time you entered Saint Thomas University, had you already been singled out for your acting? Did you have experience with Theatre New Brunswick or any other theatrical groups?

(Anna): No, when I went to STU I had done very little acting. Mostly out of fear. I was there to study and loved what I learned at STU in all my classes but also it just about being a good student and learning to be resourceful. It all comes in handy in the acting world.

(HERE): In 1997 you graduated from STU with a BA degree (Psychology) and then what? It’s a long way to L.A. from there. Were there stops along the way or did you just say it’s off to L.A.?

(Anna): I moved to Toronto and started taking classes there at an independent studio. I studied there for a long time and learned so much from the teacher there. I learned the one thing that had held me back for years and that was to be brave. I still work on that every day. I started coming to L.A. about three years ago and now have made it my permanent home. I still go to Toronto to work though and love going back to see friends. L.A. is very different than I thought it would be and I love living here.

(Here): The Nicoderm patch commercial floored people with your humorous portrayal of a flight stewardess. What did it open up for you career wise?

(Anna): That commercial was really great! It was really well written and directed and we just had fun for two days of filming. It certainly presented a different side of me that people hadn’t seen before. It was a lot of fun to do and I will always cherish it.

(HERE): What role has been your favourite?

(Anna): I really have to say I have enjoyed all of them. They have all taught me something. I loved playing Deb in the Nicoderm commercial and I loved working on “Being Erica”. Also, playing Bo in “Lost Girl” is probably one of my favourite roles.

(HERE): Name some actors you have worked with?

(Anna): Well, lots of great Canadian actors like Erin Karpluk. Years ago I worked as crew on a film Wendy Crewson was in and it was really great to watch her work. I have also worked with big stars like George Clooney. He was nice.

(HERE): In between projects are you taking workshops or different acting techniques and do you employ different styles for different roles?

(Anna): I always take classes. Every once in a while I take a little break from them and take no classes just to get away from it a little. But 90 per cent of the time I take classes. Right now I take a Meisner class with a really great teacher here in L.A. and I also do voice classes so I can have a stronger, more grounded voice. I am currently doing boxing training as well to get fit for an upcoming show. My trainer kicks my butt!

Anna never stops learning her craft

(HERE): Did you feel, at that time, that your guest role on “Being Erica” was transcending anything you had done to date? Many people I talk to felt that you were almost hypnotic in the show in the way you owned that character. Congrats on the well deserved Gemini nomination. Did you sense while doing the show that you were hitting a home run acting wise?

(Anna): I didn’t really have any expectation that the show would resonate with people. But people seemed to really like it. Working with Erin made it so fun and the director Jeff Woolnough was really great. It was such a well written role and such a real relationship. It was very special. But, like many jobs, you do the work and then move on to the next. Things air so long after you shoot them so you have really moved on from it. But who knows, I just may be revisiting Cassidy again.

(HERE): What keeps Anna Silk grounded and real? Knowing what an exciting yet cutthroat biz you are in it appears to me you are able to separate career and personal life?

(Anna): There is certainly a different energy you need when you are auditioning because it can be pretty daunting. But I think I realized early on that I am at my strongest when I am completely open and myself than if I try to be like the other girls I see out there. You will drive yourself crazy if you try and do that. Hey, we are all just out here trying.

(HERE): Any words of advice for aspiring actors? There are many who see you as a role model which brings responsibility to do or be what? Do you watch for or would consider acting possibilities in N.B.?

(Anna): I would certainly love to come back to New Brunswick to work! I also come back to visit when I can. In terms of being a role model, hmmmm …well, I think the best role models I had are those that are true to themselves. That is something I try and do every day.

(HERE): Any last remarks?

(Anna): I love people from NB! I brought my fiancé home this past summer and he loved meeting everyone. LA can, at times, be full of a lot of bullshit, and NBers are very good at not putting up with any of that. I was taught well by everyone!

Don't Miss the CBC 3-2-1 short Omaha Fly By at the 2011 Atlantic Film Festival!

Silver Wave Buzz Begins Now!!

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Anna Silk For A Week/CBC Premieres Délivrance

Anna Silk Week on Bulldog Publicity Blog, Aug 31-Sept 4th 2011
Hey Canada: Countdown is on! 12 days from today…Anna Silk as” BO” and the hit television series “Lost Girl” is back on for season 2. On September 4th; it all continues. To get you all geared up for Season 2, commencing Aug 31-Sept 4th, a feature article on Anna Silk will be posted each day. Only available on Bulldog Publicity.

Anna Silk is Bo on "Lost Girl"

Délivrance Premieres on CBC
With great fanfare, CBC broadcast the film Délivrance on Saturday, August 20th. Congratulations to Donovan Richard (Producer/Director) and Danny Thebeau (Producer/Writer/Actor) and their amazing cast and crew for an excellent recreation of turbulent times in New Brunswick history. It is a great snapshot of the hell Acadians were subjected to during the great expulsion. Pierre Surette leads a small group of men to freedom during the siege at Fort Beausejour in 1756.

Danny Thebeau Stars in Délivrance

Fresh off celebrating Saturday night’s premiere of Deliverance I managed to track down Donovan Richard, the film’s Director/Producer to get his overall take on things.

Director/Producer Donovan Richard

Jim: When you started your film did you ever expect or anticipate it would grow to what it became? The film debuted on CBC this past Saturday. When it was on air, what was going through your mind? Lastly what has been the response to the screening on CBC?

Donovan: When we created the short film “Délivrance” and attended the 2010 Silver Wave Film Festival for its first screening, we thought that we had achieved all we wanted with it during the awards night with all the nominations and the wins. But, once we were approached by CBC and they entrusted us in creating a second part to make this into a full one hour made for TV movie, we were both completely taken by surprise. I know that we always wanted to have something we created air on television, but this was certainly a perfect opportunity for us. It wasn’t easy though, everyone worked very hard to get it to this point and this past Saturday, the film premiered on CBC. The responses and feedback have just been pouring in and we are so proud and happy.

This is one of the proudest moments of my life for me to have been able to watch the fruit of our collective hard work in the company of such incredible good friends who helped us create this wonderful project.

Tracey Brown Stars in Délivrance

Jim: I was impressed with the acting, technical and camera but one aspect that really stood out was the attention to details in recreating costumes or period wear. I understand another member of your family was very instrumental in making sure this was consistent with the era?

Donovan: Yes my sister Jonelle created the Ranger and Mikmaq costumes from scratch. An amazing job considering the small amount of time she had to complete her work.

Jonelle Richard created memorable moments with her costumes on Délivrance

Donovan Richard in Délivrance

Well written, directed, shot and acted (please see the film’s website for cast/crew details plus the well deserved kudos being received at www.redleafproductions.com This is one film that “Delivered” as promised.

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