Never Give Up The Inspirational Journey of a Real Life Survivor

Never Give Up The Inspirational Journey of a Real Life Survivor

March 30, 2011 by Bulldog Publiclty | Edit Take a look at some of the people ,various celebs, who have taken the time to mail Julie with all kinds of photos, clothing, cds………. This video gives you a sense of how people have reacted to Julies journalling on Face Book and providing inspiration through her story and others. With over 6,500 friends/supporters  she is the midst of final preparation for the Spring Release (2011) of her book entitled  “Never Give Up – The Inspirational Journey of a Real Life Survivor”

The synopsis of this book in brief is: From early childhood and continuing to this day Julie has has faced personal, emotional, medical, trauma/issues that would cause many to be incapacitated or simply accept the hands they have been dealt. Julie has continually risen to the challenges she has faced and along the way began to inspire others by journal ling her story through face book. Through her optimism and resolve she has over 6,000 FB supporters including over 80 celebrities (unsolicited) who are following her journey and anxiously await the release of this book. Ironically a number of the celebs are from “Reality” shows who have thrown in their support to a real life survivor. is where you go to join the face book group but I hope you take the time to  view the videos on you tube.  These videos are meant to take you beyond text and meet, listen, see and feel the passion Julie has to overcome and inspire others. It will be time well spent   Please share with friends

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