Hey Buddy Can You Spare A Vote- NB Film Industry and Fans of Film Are Voting to Save the NB film Tax Credit-your support and Vote is Needed !

There was a time when film productions were welcome here , slowly but surely NB was leveling  the Film playing field.  The word began to spread and productions from everywhere wanted to play ball here. We had built it (solid infrastructure, talented crew, deepening talent pool) and with pristine filming locations abound  we knew they would come, oh yes they would ! It promised to be an active time,  a productive film making season injecting much needed  Revenue into a stagnant provincial economy! Why even deep pocketed investors sought to join our league but like as happened in the pro leagues without warning the owners locked us out. The commissioner ,  acting on the infinite wisdom of his peers, decided to stop these foolhardy teams from making significant contributions to the economy. He was having none of that, for if word spread that a substantial revenue was being realized other programs would be expected to have similar results. This must be stopped immediately he dictated and thus he made it so…………………fade to black

In the March budget announcement the Premier lumped the NB Film Tax Credit cut into the usual adjustments on smokes and booze ! The hope  was, that the vice driven members of the overall population would rise up against tax increase while minimizing  the impact a simple little Tax cut to the NB Film/Television industry would have. A tax cut that would bring the film industry to its knees and shut off the life support system.  I would bet big at the Casino that they figured the Film Industry would go quietly into the night or most likely elsewhere. You know call it a wrap……but I am here to say wrong ! We are taking this to the people everywhere in society, from the streets to our Universities,  From Bathurst to Victoria,  from Fredericton to Los Angeles , anywhere that film is made and seen . Our combined force and Mantra is simply Mr. Premier Don’t Tear down the NB Film Tax Credit!

So what can you do : you work in the industry, a relative or friend does, you enjoy films, you talk about films and TV shows , it is a big part of our life and you want to be heard in support of all, you simply go tohttp://www.gopetition.com/petition/44420/signatures.html

www.gopetition.comWe, the undersigned, call on the government of New Brunswick to overturn their decision on eliminating to Film and Television Tax…

takes seconds to vote but please we need your help ! Act now  !


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3 Responses to Hey Buddy Can You Spare A Vote- NB Film Industry and Fans of Film Are Voting to Save the NB film Tax Credit-your support and Vote is Needed !

  1. Dan Grady says:

    Thanks Jim,,well written. Keep on pluggin,,we could make a difference.

  2. Jeannine Watson says:

    Thanks Jim. I have never read it so well explained…I have a feeling in my bones we are going to win! I for one will feel very sad if we don’t. I have voted and quite a few of my friends too… 🙂

  3. rcb says:

    Thanks Jim – great article… well said! Keep on spreading the word … it will make a difference.

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