Correction : Blog on NB Filmmaker Jillian Acreman Shoot Rescheduled! Interview with Actress Jean Rasey Later Today !

My Bad:

In my haste to pump stuff out into the wide world of blogs I mistakenly posted Location, Cast and Crew without  finalization . This  was my error and apologize for any misleading information and time frames mentioned. The next time I will get it right before publishing.

My Good:

In a completely different light I will be blogging my interview with Jean Rasey : the beautiful and talented actress Jean Rasey, best known for her TV series role as “George” in Nancy Drew, co-starring with Pamela Sue Martin,  She also acted in “The Hindenburg” with George C. Scott and was the lead actress in a string of Union 76 TV commercials. She has appeared on stage and screen in many productions and currently is beachside living in the Palisades  when not working. But lets hear all about it from Jean later today !

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