Actress Jean Rasey “Never Gonna Break Her Stride”

Actress Jean Rasey “Never Gonna Break Her Stride”

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Nancy Drew TV series 

Never Gonna Break Her stride : Actress  Jean Rasey

The beautiful and talented actress Jean Rasey, best known for her TV series role as “George” in Nancy Drew, co-starring with Pamela Sue Martin, She also acted in “The Hindenburg” with George C. Scott and was the lead actress in a long string of Union 76 TV commercials. She has appeared on stage and screen in many productions and currently is beach side living in the Palisades!  I recently had the chance to  talk at length with Rasey, we discussed many different aspects of her life, film, career. True to form she was reluctant to talk about herself but  I think you will enjoy what she has to say:

Jim: As always it is a pleasure to talk with you Jean, but this time it is a little bit more formal !  We have had many email and Face Book exchanges but this is the first time I have interviewed you. I have been looking forward to this !

Ques: Where do you live, how far from LA, and how long have you lived on or near the ocean ? Does living there bring you inspiration or motivation of any kind

Jean :LA is a pretty big place. Living here is not necessarily “how may miles” it takes to reach a certain point it, is more about which route to take and at what time of day. LOL  I love living at the oceans edge.  Yes it gives me peace, inspiration and keeps me grounded.  I mediate every morning and have been doing so for over 7 years now and it is an even more enriched experience when I hear the waves crash and the birds sing as I greet each day in Meditation.

Ques:  In the introduction I mentioned  some of your roles in Film and Television but you have worked  with many famous actors and directors; against your style I know, but could you name drop ,just a few ?

Jean: Actors:& Actresses:Ed Asner, George C Scott, Helen Mirren, Brenda Vacarro, Anne Bancroft, Kim Stanley, Buddy Epson, Teri Nunn, Pamela Sue Martin, William Schallert, Richard Dysart, just a few off the top of my head.  Directors; A couple of my favorites, : Robert Wise, Tony Richardson, & Steve Railsback

Ques: What have you been up to lately work wise, I know you have been writing, reading scripts and  doing print  and other commercial work,, ?

Jean: :Things are just now picking up.  I have a few great projects coming up this year and when all is confirmed I will give you the details:-)

Ques: What do you see the Film and Television profession evolving into , if anything ? You are up to speed on new media and social media like face

Jean Rasey 

book and Twitter ? Has the process to you changed dramatically in terms of how you present yourself for possible employment or career direction?

Jean:   There are many changes, and yes I love the social media connections. It is a great way of networking and keeping up with what is going on. I love how digital Media and the Internet have given artists another form of media.  Web Series, and Hulu it’s all very exciting.

Ques: you are in  superb physical condition, you never mention gyms, exercise classes etc so how do you keep in shape, What is your routine like (daily ?) and what does it consist of walking etc,  ?

Jean: Thank you Jim.  I truly enjoy the outdoors verses a Gym setting.  I love to hike, Kayak, and especially long walks in the sand; it is great for your legs and butt :-) I like being in motion,

Ques: You are a caring and loving persons of animals , especially a dog named Nora, do you spent time volunteering on helping  animals ?

Jean: I have always been a champion for animals.  I tinkered with becoming a Vet when I was young, but I lack the mathematical skills needed for Med school. All my pet’s, including my little Chihuahua Nora have been an incredible source of unconditional love and companionship. I volunteer as often as I can.  I believe in giving back everyday. Being of service is extremely important to me.

Ques: If you could, what would you change in terms of global existence – climate change, etc…

Jean:.I would like us all to take much more responsibility & accountability for our actions and our behaviours.

Ques: Finally Jean, what advice would you give a young actor/actress starting out ? Is there a book in your future and if so what would it be about  ?

Jean: Stay focused and prepared. Study and learn the world around you. Opportunities are everywhere. Laugh a lot, humour keeps you sane!

Quick Fire: Jean Rasey  (Favourites:)

Food: BBQ

Beverage: Wine

Music : All

Author: Faulkner

Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Actress : Helen Mirren ,Catherine Keener
Movie: Citizen Kane

Peeves: people who are rude, selfish and cruel

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  1. Wonderful interview! Jean is so so sweet. : )

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