One on One with On-Line Media Marvel Wendy Shepherd

By: Jim Lavoie    

Part One

The First Question must be brilliant!

I am a bit nervous here, like a contestant on American Idol, what question could I possibly ask Wendy that she has not been asked before? An icebreaker, yes that is brilliant Jim, show your wit and get her on your side! Ok, got it…….

Jim: Are you a sports fan? Do you like hockey, and did you watch the Olympic Gold Medal game? Yes the game between the United States and Canada, is Crosby not the greatest hockey player ever and to get that overtime winning…..” The sound of the dial tone fills my ears and my 15 seconds are gone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wait that was just a dream! The phone is actually ringing –so here goes!

Wendy Shepherd

Personally Speaking:

For Wendy Shepherd It is all about balance, prioritization, accuracy and accountability in personal and professional commitments. Before we delve into her storied achievements in mastering the on-line media world, we will talk about  her life in general

Jim: I think what comes through to me about you Wendy, putting aside all your brilliant media work for just awhile, is your passion for your life, family and country. When you post on personal matters you are a proud wife, mother, and citizen and have no qualm in pointing this out. It says to me you have solid core values. Like everything you do in your career it is not about Wendy Shepherd (your name speaks for itself) but others. How do you and why do you keep personal matters vs. public role in an orbit that works for you? How do you maintain that balance?

Wendy: Thank you for your kind words Jim! Now excuse me while I step down from the beautiful pedestal you placed me on. : ) I think life is a delicate balance. I wouldn’t say I always get it right. I do focus on what’s important and for me that means my immediate family comes first. Making sure they have love and what they need in life. When it comes to other things I have to deal with, I try to prioritize what is important to get done first and go from there.

Jim: Where are you from, where did you go for your education, what were your interests growing up and did you have early ambitions to be in the entertainment scene? Was this some sort of preordained destiny?

Wendy: I am originally from Ohio. I’ve lived in several states over the years. My education includes two years of community college in Arizona for Business Administration. My husband attended community college with me. We took some classes together and compared grades to see who would score better. He usually got better grades, but I love him anyways.

I’ve always enjoyed the creative aspect of arts and crafts growing up. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do to make a living, even when I got into college. I did know I wanted to be a wife and mother. I was lucky to find my wonderful husband just after graduating High School and fulfill the dream of having children.

Jim: Your first job was doing what? Your first media employment was with who? Doing what? At what point did you see new media, the internet and social networking as the wave of the future? When you adapted to it was it an easy transition for you and were you already comfortable with the evolving technology? How do you stay versed as applications etc are ever changing?

Wendy: My first job was at a Mexican restaurant as a hostess. I never did offline media or any type of media until I got onto the computer. My father-in-law introduced my husband and I to the computer around 1996-1997. Computer time was limited then because I had a baby and toddler that ruled my world.

I didn’t get my first domain name until 1999. I taught myself everything about how to design and market the website to bring visitors to read the content. It was back then that I realized the power people can have via the internet. I felt like it enabled people to create content, just like any magazine, for people to come and read it from anywhere in the world.

Social networking wasn’t around yet at that time. Websites had to utilize link exchanges, leave messages in guest books with a link to their website, and buy advertisements on similar websites for example. Then social networks (Myspace, Twitter, Face book) became popular for people to use personally. Naturally businesses found a way to utilize this popular platform of communication.

Since I taught myself how to do every aspect of building and promoting my websites, I found it easy enough to dive in and learn about this new technology. I try to adapt and learn what I can. There is no way any one person can learn everything. I choose what I need as a useful tool.

Jim: If you could what other occupation would you like to do? What are your interests and hobbies when not working?

Wendy: I supposed I’d probably start my own magazine or similar publication. I like to showcase people and their interesting projects. When I’m not working, my interests are spending time with my family, listening to music, watching movies, and reading good books.

Jim: Being a part of the entertainment scene do you ever have the urge to actually be in a film or write a screenplay or has that happened already or will it happen?

Wendy: I actually haven’t had an urge to be in a film. I’m pretty shy. Watching a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ makes me realize how much work and collaboration goes into getting a film made. I have thought about maybe writing a book or a screenplay sometime. I’m not sure if it will happen, but I may tinker with it to see what I can create. I’ve been yearning to create something of my own outside of my online projects


Paul J. Alessi, Chris Brinker and Wendy Shepherd at LA premiere Boondock Saints II

To be continued Wed April 18th – the second part of this Blog Interview. Wendy tells us about knowing and working with the Boondock Saints, Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus… I ask Wendy to talk about and explain the various web sites she has created and owns. These sites are just a sample of what Wendy Shepherd does like no one else. A couple of special friends of Wendy Shepherd drop by to have a say!  In closing this first of two blogs interviews I want to say directly to Wendy:

I want to say how much I appreciate everything you have done or helped me with Wendy. I was a little in awe of you at first while working with you on ”American Sunset,” but you treated me with respect and opened your door to me. You showed me how to be effective with your relentless work etiquette and top quality multi-tasking but more importantly, to me, you treated me as an equal. That was when I knew that the legendary Wendy Shepherd was indeed the living definition of class. For you to grant me an interview is your way of saying that you trust and believe in me and that is the ultimate anyone can ask for.

Jim Lavoie

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6 Responses to One on One with On-Line Media Marvel Wendy Shepherd

  1. Cat LeBlanc says:

    Great interview Jim!

  2. Thank you so much for the interview Jim. You are always so sweet to me. I’m glad to have watched your business grow since I’ve met you online. You are a very creative writer. Thanks for everything. : )

  3. pauljalessi says:

    Cool interview Jim… Wendy is awesome!

    Paul J. Alessi

  4. Jeannine Watson says:

    I love interviews…They are educational for one’s life. Wendy is a very compassionate and loving person. About about her private life as that is the way it should be. “Wendy”…((I do focus on what’s important and for me that means my immediate family comes first. Making sure they have love and what they need in life. When it comes to other things I have to deal with, I try to prioritize what is important to get done first and go from there))…Awesome words showing her heart is filled with much love of life and family and her career…Funny I have started to write children story book stories. And I have named one character ‘Wendy’ It’s an outstanding name. And the stories will be about when I was a little girl and danced for my daddy in black patent shoes (My father was musician played the accordion and the mouth organ) What am I doing this interview is about you Jim and Wendy….Loved the interview! I hope I get to see her in a movie someday…Best to you both Jim. Feel proud to be a part of your (Bull Dog Page) …Thanks Jim…

  5. Jeannine Watson says:

    Meant to say (Bull Dog Publicity Page)….

  6. I like the way this post is presented, though not quite clear, but is worth reading.

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