One on One with On-Line Media Marvel Wendy Shepherd

Wendy Shepherd – ”Speaking of Saints, Sites & Tiger Blood”

                                                 – Part Two –

I had gone for a walk to clear out the cobwebs, internalizing and strategizing, but waves of doubt encased me as to the telephone I crawled. This is it Jim, time to delve into the area of expertise owned by Wendy Shepherd. That is right; we are going to talk shop, specifically about on-line media. In my mind are two things, keep it real and for sure no mention of Crosby.

This is probably a good time, to explain that Wendy Shepherd is the Social Media Manager & On-Line Outreach for The Boondock Saints.

At her fingertips are 3.5 million fans spread over 4 different sites and more links then any chain fence I have ever seen. As the phone rings I feel the weight of New Brunswick, Canada eh, on my sagging shoulders. Ok, game on (Watch the hockey references Jim).

Jim: You have many different sites, covering many aspects of the on-line media world. Let’s get to the biggest one by far: The Boondock Saints. I say the name Sean Patrick Flanery and you say? How did you hook up with these immensely popular characters?

Wendy: It’s Norman Reedus who is mentioned with Sean Patrick Flanery, the two stars on The Boondock Saints. They are talented and down to earth nice guys.

I started talking with Sean about 4 years ago (about May 2007) when he had a project that I was to help work on. I remember it well because during that time my middle son suffered a ruptured appendix, which I’m very thankful that he pulled through and is in great health now.

Funny thing is I thought I’d heard of Sean’s name, but I hadn’t seen any of the films he starred in. I told him that too. I asked what films of his I should watch first. I picked out a couple from the list that I saw people mention: Powder & Boondock Saints. He said if I watched them both, I’d see two completely different characters. I was pleasantly surprised by his talent in both films, and determined that he was underrated as an actor.

Norman Reedus & Wendy Shepherd

I ran across Norman online around August 2007. I think it started by a fan asking me if his My Space was real, so I checked it out. I wasn’t sure it was him, so I asked Sean and we found a way to confirm. I also bumped into actor/producer Paul J Alessi while working on Sean’s My space in 2007. I had no idea how these connections would result into what I’m working on today. Just one thing seemed to lead to another and along the way Boondock Saints started to create their sequel.

Paul J Alessi knows Troy Duffy and the cast/crew and he was working on the EPK/DVD field production, etc. on the set of the sequel. He (along with Sean) knew what I had been doing to help them already and so he suggested that I help in some way with Boondock Saints and they also connected me with Chris Brinker, Clifton Collins Jr, Brian Mahoney, Bob Marley and Bob Rubin.

Jim: They speak with reverence about you and I understand you went to the premiere of Boondock Saints II in Los Angeles?

Clifton Collins Jr. & Wendy Shepherd

Wendy: I was invited to the Boondock Saints II premiere to surprise Sean, Norman, Clifton, Paul, Brian and Bob. Producer Chris Brinker arranged for me to fly out with my husband. I’ve never been to a premiere, so that in itself was quite an experience, but the best part was finally meeting everyone that I had been working with and talked to over the phone. I found out though that Sean knew of the surprise… and he had a surprise for me about mentioning me on the G4 Attack of the Show ( ). I didn’t get to see the video clip until I got home. Did I say those guys all rock!?!

Jim: Officially Plugged In is an interesting site and seems to be creating a buzz with celebrities. Why so? Who can be on the site and how can they be featured on Officially Plugged (OPI), name just a few who have been featured on OPI and tell us about the recent addition of an on-line magazine?

Wendy: I started the website due to the problems I had getting fans to believe Sean’s social networks were really him and not a fake poser. There were some fake profiles run by fans claiming to be Sean. Photos are too easy for fans to alter in a graphics program. So the only way I could think people would believe Sean actually was talking to people online through certain networks was to have him make a video. The feedback was great.

Many people had the same problem, so I decided to start up a website that would showcase lots of people doing the same thing to try to keep their fans safe from fake profiles and allow for safer networking. Sean loved the idea and so he’s been a part of it from the beginning.

The more popular a person is, the more fans they have, and so there are more fake profiles created by people under their name. However, there are up and coming talented people who love the idea, so I’ve included them on the website as well.

I tried to keep it simple for people to get showcased. They just need to first have an official spot online (website or social network profile). Next, they need to send me a short introduction video which includes three things: name, occupation, web address of official spot online (I include those official links on the showcase page). It’s free to be showcased.

I’ve showcased many people on the site, including Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Clifton Collins Jr., Troy Duffy, Paul J. Alessi, Amie Barsky, Frederic Doss, Brian Mahoney, Bob Rubin, David Della Rocco, Steven Seagal, Michael Rooker, Jean Rasey, Bernard Robichaud and more. I wish I could list them all here, but they can all be found through the “Who’s Listed” section:

I started the online magazine section of the website because I wanted to highlight some of the projects and news of showcased people. It seemed like a needed addition to the site that keeps people interested in visiting again and learning more about these talented people.

Jim: Movie Vine, since 2004, providing Film, Celebrity, and Entertainment news is composed of?

Wendy: As you know I love movies, so naturally I started a movie website. It’s recently gone through a re-design and I’m still moving old content over into the new system. People have submitted movie news and reviews to the site over time.

Jim: Not surprisingly you have a site devoted to building a solid on-line presence called Studio Matrix. Many different options are available, what are some of them?

Wendy: This site covers services that I offer including: web design, graphics, internet consultation, online publicity and social networking. I detail a bit about those topics and show a list of some of my clients/friends websites.

Jim: Chart Jungle is all about organizing the chaotic existence that most of us live and I don’t get to say this very often but it is a FREE printable site. The price is right for sure and what kind of organizational tools are there?

Wendy: Yes, Chart Jungle was a website that started when I was in the heat of raising young children. I just couldn’t find some charts or lists online that would help with parenting topics. So since I knew how to use a graphics program, I decided to make some of my own. I figured other parents might need them as well, so I put them online for free. The website is advertisement supported to help cover costs of hosting, bandwidth, etc.

Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood Intern Competition:

Jim: You made it to the third round, one of 250 persons, out of a starting group of 80,000. What was that like to be entered in and your overall thoughts about a competition created out of a bizarre chain of events?

Wendy : I think the number in Round 3 ended up being more like 500, but no official number was mentioned. When I wrote a blog post about it I think I mentioned 200-250, but I talked to some #tigerbloodinterns who were making a list and the count went higher than initially thought.

I entered the competition at the suggestion of a couple of Boondock Saints fans as it was for a social media internship for the summer. I had no idea I’d make it to the next round or how many rounds there were. It doesn’t make you feel special to have made it to a round where about 80,000 people made it, but you do feel it’s a little more legit when you make it amongst hundreds of people in Round 3.

The internships crew has notified the top 50 selected people for Round 4. I wasn’t selected (probably too experienced). Talking to a couple of the people who made it, I’ve been told their applications have been turned over to the Sheen Team who will give them their next task in the competition.

I have mixed feeling about a competition like this to hire someone to work for them as an intern. Yes, in some ways public competition can be fun, but when it comes down to it, there is a serious aspect to it.

About Wendy -Her Friends Speak Out

Paul J. Alessi - actor/producer

So, Wendy is just an all around awesome person. She helps me run all of my websites, social networks and online publicity for myself and for my films. I highly recommend her. I have referred her to a number of people and I have always gotten great feedback and praise. She is kind, friendly, attentive and prompt and she just does an all around great job.

Paul J. Alessi Actor/Producer

Bernard Robichaud - actor/writer/comedian

Wendy is one of the coolest people I know. She is my techno wizard of on-line media and because of her I am “there” in the world of Social Networking. She is a really good friend and her word is a bond. Just ask and it is done

Actor/ Writer/Comedian Bernard Robichaud……

Jean Rasey - actress

I was first introduced to Wendy, through my publicist, last year. Wendy offered me an amazing opportunity to be showcased on her online website Officially Plugged In. I now consider this wonderful, talented and generous woman my friend. Thanks Wendy for supporting me in “kick starting” my career again.

Actress Jean Rasey

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  1. Cat LeBlanc says:

    Excellent work Jim.

  2. Thanks so much for interviewing me and for everything Jim! Thanks also to Paul, Jean, and Bernie for the awesome words!! I’m so glad to know you all!

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