Excuse Me While I touch The Syfy & NBFC E-News Reigns Supreme

Red Hot Anna Silk & “Lost Girl” Invade The World
By Jim Lavoie

You know you are hitting it out of the park in television when in rapid succession your television series is:
A) Picked up by Syfy
B) Invited to Comic-Con
C) Extended while in production for 9 more episodes

Now we here in Canada, based on the runaway numbers posted last year, already know what an awesome series “Lost Girl” is by making it the number one scripted drama television series in Canada last year. Starring Fredericton’s own Anna Silk as the sexy, feisty, succubus “Bo” who prefers to do things her “Fae”. She is on the hunt for the truth about her past while thwarting attempts by the Dark and Light Fae to persuade her allegiance. Season one had Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid) and the hot doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer) also in hot pursuit of Bo but for romantic reasons. Trying to keep some form of balance in Bo’s life is her ultra- cool, hip, BFF Kenzi (Ksenia Solo). Season two is already in production and I had the chance to speak to Anna about all the latest happenings for her and the rest of “Lost Girl” (Season 2 “Lost Girl” September 4th on Show Case).

The Syfy channel picks up season one and two of “Lost Girl”. They are currently working on the schedule for the release. Thomas Vitale, Executive Vice President, Programming and Original Movies, Syfy, said: “In one year, Lost Girl has electrified viewers in Canada and around the world. We’re delighted to bring this fascinating, high-octane series, which depicts a unique world and memorable heroine, to the Syfy audience.

The Cast from Lost Girl

Jim: Syfy picks up “Lost Girl” and will show last year and this year’s series (35 episodes in all) obviously reaching an American Audience. Given the great numbers (number #1 specialty channel scripted drama Television series) what are your feelings about this?

Anna: I was so happy to hear that we were picked up by SyFy! I think it’s a great network and I am really pleased that “Lost Girl” will get to reach a whole new audience. I don’t think SyFy fans will be disappointed.

A major event in San Diego (July 22) Comic-Con had a “Lost Girl” panel wowing the packed hall: Lost Girl succubus, Bo (played by Anna Silk) led a panel discussion at the highly regarded event along with Emmanuelle Vaugier who stars as “The Morrigan”, the leader of the Dark Fae. Joining Anna and Emmanuelle were Executive Producer Jay Firestone (Prodigy Pictures) and Creator, Michelle Lovretta. A limited edition of the Lost Girl comic book, a prequel to the series, was given out at this year’s Comic-Con panel.

Jim: Comic Con is a world famous mega event, the super bowl for this genre, annually attracting hundreds of thousands. What was it like for “Lost Girl” to be included this year? Watching the video from the panel there was great interaction with the crowd and you had many cheering at your answers.

Anna: Amazing event, well organized and great fun! Yeah pretty cool responses and I did a lot of interviews with different TV crews. Comic-Con really lived up to the incredible reputation it has earned. Can’t wait to be back next Year.

Anna Silk: First time fun at Comic Con, 2011 in San Diego

Jim: Shooting has commenced on Season 2 for Lost Girl, any clues as to what we may expect re: story arc for Bo?

Anna: In season two you will definitely see a more confident and stronger Bo. She learned a lot in season one. She learned that she can’t be quite so cavalier without some serious consequences and she knows she has to be smarter in how she plays her cards between the Dark and the Light. She realizes that her actions have consequences and she does whatever she can to protect her friends. As for Bo’s love life—it remains as complicated as ever! Lots of new twists and turns!

Jim: Bo had a diverse time, romance wise, last season. Will things be picking up again with the good Doctor Lauren or Dyson or both?

Bo and Lauren

Bo and Dyson

Anna: Things will pick up where we left off but they quickly move in different directions. Bo has a lot to deal with when it comes to her love life and we will certainly see a lot of that in season 2.

With “Lost Girl” already in production mode for season 2, Showcase orders up nine more episodes of the supernatural drama series, Lost Girl, in advance of the season premiere on Sunday, September 4th at 9pm ET, for an unprecedented 22 episodes in total.

Jim: Great news on the additional nine episodes. Any other concrete productions in store for you this year that you care to tell us about re: films, TV appearances etc? Do you see a feature film in the works for “Lost Girl”?

Anna: I am happy to say that Lost Girl will be my main focus this year—especially now that we are doing 22 episodes for season 2. As for a Lost Girl feature—that would be awesome! But I don’t have any idea if that is in the works at the moment.

Jim: You were back in Fredericton for a very special occasion this spring.

Anna: Yes, I had my wedding in Fredericton this past April. It was really magical and so great to come home and include so much of the beauty of Fredericton in the day. We used all local vendors and people who attended our wedding from all over were so impressed with how great Fredericton is!

Social Media Sites:
Face book: http://www.facebook.com/lostgirlseries

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/lostgirlseries



Everything You Wanted To Know about the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative Weekly E-news and More!

In conversation with Cat Leblanc, Membership Services (office grunt), New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative, (Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada) and editor-in-chief of everything!

Cat = eternal optimist

Jim: I thought I would pin you down (tell me if the duct tape is too tight around you in the chair) and ask you a few questions. Also, sorry about bolting the den door and unplugging your phone but it may be our only way of being uninterrupted. Now if you are a good Cat there will be bottles of bubbly stuff as your reward. So away we go!

duct tape

Jim: Every Thursday, unless there is a holiday or you have been kidnapped by aliens, you send out the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative E-news. You are also the editor, graphic artist and photo editor of what has evolved into a top quality online film publication. The E-news is a must read for NBFC members and the general public, NB and Canadian filmmakers, actors, casting directors, producers, sponsors, potential sponsors, film and video co-ops and centres in each province, Canadian film schools and institutes and universities and on and on. You get the drift. It is sectioned off into header topics and laid out in a sharp, professional style and is more like an in-depth film industry trade paper than most of them are. I know the time, devotion and passion you put into the e-news, which needs a name like (Cat Clauses) to be distinctive in its reference to and from everyone who reads it. Let’s talk about this, give us a brief overview of its start-up, archival data base, target audience and growth through the years?

Alien Mother Ship Picks Up Cat

Cat: I created the first e-news in 2006. I realized at the time that sending out multiple email updates at all hours of the day and night was not the way to go, plus everybody started to think I was a vampire that never slept at night. It was annoying to people being overly saturated with constant emails. The early e-news were just awful visually. I was so proud of them at the time thinking I was some kind of design genius and now looking at them, I cringe, they were so terrible. I’ve learned so much more about design and layout six years later, thank goodness.

All the e-news are archived on the NB Film Co-op website. I also have them all saved on DVD as a backup.

The first target audience was of course the Film Co-op members and the 97 film and video centres in Canada. My goal was to disseminate information about the members to each other and to other centres like ours to keep them in the loop and the know. Then, from there, sponsors and supporters were added and then, it just grew over time to Canadian, American and European film companies, producers, filmmakers, actors and film and training institutes as well as other groups.

Cat, simpsonized but still going strong

Jim: What are the main objectives you consider for each week? Your one-on-one interviews that have spotlighted sponsors, members and non-member actors, tech crew and other talented film people are always interesting and of a high quality. I find myself acting Like Ed M. at the end of each one saying “I did not know that about X”. Selecting who to interview is a combination of yours and others suggestions?

Cat: Yes, selection is either myself or through others. I never run out of material it seems. There are so many talented creative people out there and I find them really fascinating to talk to. It’s safe to say that the members in particular are our stars at the Film Co-op and it’s so much fun to promote them although some are so modest, it’s like pulling teeth sometimes! The headers I created for each part of the e-news make my objectives straightforward in many ways, I know what I have to fill up each week.

Jim: If somebody wanted to submit an article, an interview, a project write-up, what is the actual process to submit? In other words does someone just send something to you and it becomes part of the next e-news or is it first reviewed by you, for a number of propriety areas such as language, slant plus the usual grammar and spelling checks?

Cat: Anyone can submit something whether they are members or not, they can just email info@nbfilmcoop.com to inquire, but it must be related to the e-news header topics. Not everything gets in, as not everything is appropriate or really related to what the e-news is about. I do edit everything for the usual reasons.

Jim: What are the groups you send the e-news to, what is the total number for your listserv? How much time do you spend putting it all together, following up, laying it out and publishing? Do you have a plan for each week’s edition or is it based on the input you receive each week before deadline day which is when each week?

Cat: The NB Film Co-op e-news has a listserv of 4,200 now. In reason years, we have created two facebook pages for the NB Film Co-op and Silver Wave Film Festival which are gaining in numbers and popularity.

I put hundreds of hours into it I guess, don’t keep track as I always seem to be working on it in between my other work. Sometimes I do have a strong plan for an upcoming e-news but I do always try to be open to things that may pop up on my radar as well. All submissions are due on each Wednesday.

Groups on e-news listserv:


NBFC Associate Members
NBFC Full Members
NBFC Past Members who have moved away
NBFC Members in arrears with their memberships
Alumni members

NB Actors
NB Filmmakers
NB Producers
NB Technical Crew
NB Directors
NB Screenwriters
Film Companies
NB Schools and Universities
Government Departments
Granting Agencies
Film Training Centres
Monday Night Film Series Members
People that take NB Film Co-op workshops


96 Film and Video Centres in Canada
Film Commissions World Wide
Canadian, US and European Filmmakers, Producers and Actors
Granting Agencies
Government Departments
Schools and Universities
Film Schools
Film Training Centres

Jim: When a casting call is advertised in the e-news, it means the actors/crew will be, if successful in an audition, paid or volunteer? How will I know by reading the call?

Cat: I tend to have to revise all casting or other advertisements for that section slightly. People tend to forget to put whether a call for casting or crew is volunteer or paid so I add that typically.

Jim: For some being in the media is old hat while for others it may be a first time thing. Could you explain why what goes in the e-news is so important as it may be a first impression or notice of someone’s work by a prospective film industry type with a project to fill. It’s important to put the right foot forward right?

Cat: It’s actually extremely important as it gets seen by so many people and many of those people work in film and television. It’s important to promote yourself and your craft ongoing.

Jim: Do you receive feedback on the e-news?

Cat: I get lots of great feedback and it has helped me to improve the quality and look of the e-news. I love the positive stuff as it keeps me going. The most important feedback is what most would likely see as negative feedback I guess as it is critical. I like getting it as it makes me think about how I’m doing things and that perhaps I should change things up, do things differently, it’s good for me in a lot of ways. I consider it constructive feedback and have no problem with it.

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