Anna Silk “BO”fore “Lost Girl”- Anna Silk Week Aug 31-Sept 4th

To start off Anna Silk Week here at Bulldog Publicity which takes us right up to the Season 2 launch of “Lost Girl”, I thought I would take you along the fantastic trail Anna has blazed since my first interview with her in 2009. I had the chance to ask Anna a new question, each day, prior to the feature article of the day. If you are a fan of Anna Silk then you should join Anna on Face Book

Just 3 years ago, when you and I did our first interview, with “Lost Girl” still on the Horizon, did you have any idea or feeling that the journey ahead would unfold as it has?

Anna Silk: I had no idea this journey would unfold! I knew “Lost Girl” was special but didn’t realize how much the audience would embrace this show and embrace the characters. They have really taken ownership of it and we are really excited to bring them Season 2, Aug 30, 2011

As smooth as silk, Anna Silk’s career is on fire
Published Thursday November 5th, 2009, HERE, NB
Buckle up, this New Brunswicker is going to the top
By Jim Lavoie

Fredericton native Anna Silk has made her fans laugh, love and lust along with on her rocketing ride to the top of the television acting chain.

From the whacked out stewardess in the hilarious and famous Nicoderm commercial to her smoking hot Gemini nominated role, as Cassidy on CBCs’ “Being Erica’, It has all now culminated to her being the star of her own sci-fi TV series called “Lost Girl on Showcase”.

Anna Silk as Cassidy in Bring Erica

Silk has signed on to star in the show starting in 2010. The pilot for “Lost Girl” was very, very well received and has resulted in production commencing in 2009. Filming will take place in Toronto. In a phone conversation from Los Angeles, an obviously proud Silk couldn’t hide her excitement.

“This show and this type of a character is really a dream come true for me! (My character) is a very strong woman and there are so many great roles on this show. It is a very interesting world full of such rich characters – I can’t wait to get started!”

“Lost Girl” is a 13-part series in which Silk stars as Bo. She is a Succubus, which is a life force that feeds off of the sexual energy of people, but she is different in that she was secretly raised by humans who have domesticated her to society’s norm. Her day-to-day existence is fighting off her inbred need to prey on her adopted world mates. She must resist the supernatural forces of the clan by birthright to become a true Succubus. Her very existence will depend on tracking down her birth mother and unlocking the dark secrets of her origin. Many fans and interested viewers are anxiously awaiting the debut of the show.

Silk is also an established movie actor and has worked with George Clooney and Alex Baldwin, to name just a few from her dozen movies. In fact, at the time of this writing she was gearing up to go act in a new movie being shot in South Carolina in November. She is a very busy lady and in fact the following Q&A was compiled from Fredericton, Toronto, and Los Angeles telephone interviews.

Anna Silk is a veteran actress

[HERE]: Anna Congrats on your engagement. The lucky guy is Seth Cooperman, please fill us in about him.

Anna Silk: Well, my fiancé is amazing! He is originally from New York. He is also an actor and a writer and very good at what he does.

(HERE): Your mother Ilkay is a legendary theatrical presence, sister Mandy is a rising singer, any other Silks in the spotlight or about to be?

(Anna): Well, I think all the Silks are raising stars! I think we come from a family of very creative people who are also driven and disciplined to do the work that is so necessary to accomplish your dreams.

(HERE): Growing up, was acting or performing your passion and calling? Did you feel you were destined to be in films/TV?

(Anna): I was always fascinated by acting, but never really thought it was something I could do. I was more a quiet observer of it. It wasn’t until I finished university that the drive really kicked in. I really wanted to start pursuing it as a very real and wonderful career.

(HERE): At what age did you start or take up acting and where?

(Anna): I moved to Toronto when I was 25 and started taking classes. Once I started auditioning I realized very quickly that the other women my age had resumes that were much longer than mine. I was up against a lot!

(HERE): Any role models growing up in your formative years?

(Anna): Well, my mother certainly. But also my entire family really. When I was younger some of my babysitters I thought were pretty cool as well. Also, I was fortunate enough to grow up sitting in the theatre while my mom was directing. So, I was able to watch her direct and also see so many great performers. The thing that struck me the most about them was just how brave everyone was.

(HERE): Any actors that inspire you?

(Anna): The actors that inspire me the most are actually my immediate peers. The people I see out at every audition that keep doing it despite how difficult it is.

Anna Silk gets her inspiration from her fellow actors

(HERE): Of all the movies you have seen, can you pick the “one”?

(Anna): Hmmmm … that’s a tough one! I love “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Audrey Hepburn is just so charming. I also really love just about anything Kate Winslet is in.

(HERE): When you are not studying scripts, what do you like to read?

(Anna): The Life of Pi by Yann Martel is one of my favourites! It’s one I can revisit a lot and experience it differently each time.

(HERE): Favourite music or singer?

(Anna): Well, of course my favorite singer is Mandy Silk! I do like country music but also stuff from a few decades ago like Led Zeppelin. I would love to hear Mandy cover some Zeppelin.

(HERE): By the time you entered Saint Thomas University, had you already been singled out for your acting? Did you have experience with Theatre New Brunswick or any other theatrical groups?

(Anna): No, when I went to STU I had done very little acting. Mostly out of fear. I was there to study and loved what I learned at STU in all my classes but also it just about being a good student and learning to be resourceful. It all comes in handy in the acting world.

(HERE): In 1997 you graduated from STU with a BA degree (Psychology) and then what? It’s a long way to L.A. from there. Were there stops along the way or did you just say it’s off to L.A.?

(Anna): I moved to Toronto and started taking classes there at an independent studio. I studied there for a long time and learned so much from the teacher there. I learned the one thing that had held me back for years and that was to be brave. I still work on that every day. I started coming to L.A. about three years ago and now have made it my permanent home. I still go to Toronto to work though and love going back to see friends. L.A. is very different than I thought it would be and I love living here.

(Here): The Nicoderm patch commercial floored people with your humorous portrayal of a flight stewardess. What did it open up for you career wise?

(Anna): That commercial was really great! It was really well written and directed and we just had fun for two days of filming. It certainly presented a different side of me that people hadn’t seen before. It was a lot of fun to do and I will always cherish it.

(HERE): What role has been your favourite?

(Anna): I really have to say I have enjoyed all of them. They have all taught me something. I loved playing Deb in the Nicoderm commercial and I loved working on “Being Erica”. Also, playing Bo in “Lost Girl” is probably one of my favourite roles.

(HERE): Name some actors you have worked with?

(Anna): Well, lots of great Canadian actors like Erin Karpluk. Years ago I worked as crew on a film Wendy Crewson was in and it was really great to watch her work. I have also worked with big stars like George Clooney. He was nice.

(HERE): In between projects are you taking workshops or different acting techniques and do you employ different styles for different roles?

(Anna): I always take classes. Every once in a while I take a little break from them and take no classes just to get away from it a little. But 90 per cent of the time I take classes. Right now I take a Meisner class with a really great teacher here in L.A. and I also do voice classes so I can have a stronger, more grounded voice. I am currently doing boxing training as well to get fit for an upcoming show. My trainer kicks my butt!

Anna never stops learning her craft

(HERE): Did you feel, at that time, that your guest role on “Being Erica” was transcending anything you had done to date? Many people I talk to felt that you were almost hypnotic in the show in the way you owned that character. Congrats on the well deserved Gemini nomination. Did you sense while doing the show that you were hitting a home run acting wise?

(Anna): I didn’t really have any expectation that the show would resonate with people. But people seemed to really like it. Working with Erin made it so fun and the director Jeff Woolnough was really great. It was such a well written role and such a real relationship. It was very special. But, like many jobs, you do the work and then move on to the next. Things air so long after you shoot them so you have really moved on from it. But who knows, I just may be revisiting Cassidy again.

(HERE): What keeps Anna Silk grounded and real? Knowing what an exciting yet cutthroat biz you are in it appears to me you are able to separate career and personal life?

(Anna): There is certainly a different energy you need when you are auditioning because it can be pretty daunting. But I think I realized early on that I am at my strongest when I am completely open and myself than if I try to be like the other girls I see out there. You will drive yourself crazy if you try and do that. Hey, we are all just out here trying.

(HERE): Any words of advice for aspiring actors? There are many who see you as a role model which brings responsibility to do or be what? Do you watch for or would consider acting possibilities in N.B.?

(Anna): I would certainly love to come back to New Brunswick to work! I also come back to visit when I can. In terms of being a role model, hmmmm …well, I think the best role models I had are those that are true to themselves. That is something I try and do every day.

(HERE): Any last remarks?

(Anna): I love people from NB! I brought my fiancé home this past summer and he loved meeting everyone. LA can, at times, be full of a lot of bullshit, and NBers are very good at not putting up with any of that. I was taught well by everyone!

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2 Responses to Anna Silk “BO”fore “Lost Girl”- Anna Silk Week Aug 31-Sept 4th

  1. John Christenson says:

    Huge, huge fan. I’ve not missed an episode. If you haven’t caught the series yet, do so, it’s great.

    Another excellent article Jim!! Good stuff. And, thanks for the plug, appreciate it.

  2. Huge, huge fan. I’ve not missed an episode. If you haven’t caught the series yet, do so, it’s great.

    Another excellent article Jim!! Good stuff. And, thanks for the plug, appreciate it.

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