BO’dacious “BO” BOcomes Showcase Sweetheart & Scores Second Season, As “Lost Girl” Sky Rockets Television Ratings for Specialty Channels!

This is Bulldog Publicity’s final installment special or as old Jimbo likes to call it, “Anna Silk Week” and I hope you have been brought up to speed on our “Bo” as Season 2 begins tonight (Sept 4th) here in Canada. For the viewers in Australia and the United Kingdom welcome to the awesome world of “Lost Girl” as you get the opportunity to view Season one.

This blog deals with end of Season One and looking ahead to the premiere of Season 2. You can check out previous blogs on Anna Silk, Lost Girl, and many very talented actors, actresses, etc by clicking on my website at:

Kenzi, Bo and Trick

Bo with her full Posse on Lost Girl

I would like to take this time to thank Anna for taking the time to chat with me and allowing me to do a number of interviews with her over the past three years. She is truly as down to earth as she is talented and poised!

In this blog I also had the pleasure of speaking with the creator/Executive Producer of “Lost Girl”, Michelle Lovretta and also the extremely talented Kris Holden-Reid (Dyson) about season One.

Jim Lavoie: What do you like to do on the rare day(s) off?

Anna Silk:
Days off are certainly rare! But I really try and take a whole afternoon and evening off on Saturdays and just make plans with friends or go out to dinner with my husband and some other friends. It’s really important for me to forget about acting for a day so that I have renewed energy and creativity when I come back to set after the weekend.” (September 2, 2011)

“Lost Girl” Season One Is The Number One Ratings Champion For Scripted Drama Of All Specialty Channels! Season Two Is A Done Deal
Telegraph Journal December 30, 2010
By Jim Lavoie

“LOST GIRL” has found an audience.

Since the supernatural shows smashing debut in September 2010, this drama has become a stellar performer for Showcase. Attracting more than 700.000 viewer’s weekly-many in the coveted 25-54 demographic.

“Lost Girl captivated Showcase viewers right out of the gate with its fiery cast of characters and gripping plot twists,” says Christine Shipton, senior vice-president of drama and factual content at Shaw Media. “We are so proud of this homegrown hit and it is a thrill to renew it for what is sure to be a spellbinding second season.”

Jay Firestone, Executive Producer, says Fredericton’s Anna Silk who plays the shows lead Bo, a stunning succubus who feeds on humans sexual energy, has helped secure the show’s legions of fans. “The record breaking ratings and second season renewal are a great reward for a series that takes risks with unconventional storylines and a complex female heroine” he says.

Fredericton Freelance writer and blog monster Jim Lavoie recently spoke with Silk, Michelle Lovretta, the show’s creator and executive producer and actor Kris Holden-Reid, who plays Dyson in the show.

Jim first spoke to Anna in LA.

Anna Silk returns as Bo in Lost Girl for Season 2

Jim Lavoie: How does it feel to be the star of the number one rated series and to be renewed for a second season?

Anna Silk: Well I was certainly thrilled when we got renewed for a second season. I think we did so much in the first and now have so many places we can go in the second. The relationships are deeper and richer and there is still so much to be explored. Poor Bo doesn’t even know what she may be in for yet.

Jim Lavoie: The show creates a whole new world based on mythology, one that viewers have obviously bought into, Why do you think the show has been so well received?

Anna Silk: At the end of the day people are drawn to the relationships on the show. If people are on board for those, then the circumstances that the characters find themselves in only heighten how those relationships develop. I think that’s what has drawn people in.

Jim Lavoie: What is it like to work with creator Michelle Lovretta?

Anna Silk: Michelle is a great woman and one very cool chick! I feel like Bo belongs to her and I loved her from the start. She created a very strong and dynamic character.

Jim Lavoie: How do you relate to your character and how would you describe Bo?

Anna Silk: Bo is a role model and what I love about her is her sense of loyalty, and she also has this strong sense of justice that often gets her into trouble. She will not take no for an answer and stands up for what she believes in. She struggles to embrace who and what she is and I think that journey is something that people can relate to, and one I am proud of.

Jim next spoke to Michelle Lovretta, the show’s creator and executive producer about Lost Girl’s success and what to expect in season 2.

Jim Lavoie: With so many popular shows on air now about the supernatural, how did you feel “Lost Girl” would distinguish itself from the pack?

Michelle Lovretta: Since we are an urban fantasy show, we were a bit worried at first that people would lump us into the vamp craze and we would get lost, but I think we’ve carved out our own little niche.

The network’s pre-launch support was fabulous and a great way to kick the season off. Even then you have no guarantee an audience will find you and stay with you. It is always a bit scary and unpredictable until the numbers come in. So, I’m thrilled about our viewership, and also the way our fans have embraced us and become a strong presence online.

Jim Lavoie: You cast Anna Silk as Bo. How does her portrayal compare to the Bo of your mind’s eye?

Michelle Lovretta: Because it can help focus me, I sometimes “cast” a character in my head early in the writing stage. It isn’t always an actress-sometimes I tear out magazine ads, samples of wardrobes or models that fit the vibe I am going for and put them up around my desk as inspiration.

I am sure I did that with Bo, But, the original Bo in my head-and the original “Lost Girl” concept, as well – was darker, playing to a more adult audience. What the original character was missing, I think, was nuance and a relatable, vulnerable core. The ability to hurt and to love.

Anna brings that in spades, I love the little touches she adds in the Kenzi scenes, how affectionate and loving she is with her. I also love knowing that if anyone harmed Kenzi, Bo would go Amazon Destroyer Queen on their ass, and that we can trust Anna to bring us there.

Bo and Kenzi

Jim Lavoie: Season 2 will bring….. (in order to not spoil anything for those just watching Season One the answer by Michelle Lovretta has been abbreviated)

Michelle Lovretta: Y’know, I‘m not completely sure where we will go in Season two yet. It is not entirely up to me, but I’m probably more excited than anyone to find out…

Season one posed the dilemma between Bo and Dyson: intense sexual satisfaction or real love? Also, I think we have all been in that gut-wrenching position of seeing someone we’ve fallen hard for, potentially moving on into someone else’s arms. We might be interested in taking Bo there, testing her mettle.

She has had a stunted emotional life in the past because of her succubus nature, preventing any real relationships. so Season 2 will likely see her mature some. But for most of us, that process is bittersweet and not without pain.

Jim next spoke to Kris Holden –Reid (Dyson) in Toronto:

Kris Holden Reid is Dyson in Lost Girl

Jim Lavoie: You have appeared in historical mini-series such as “Ben Hur” and “The Tudors”. You’ve also played contemporary characters such as Wayne Gretzky in “Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story” and Noel Redding in” Hendrix”. How did you prepare for the role of “Dyson”?

KHR: I love playing historical characters because they come with a responsibility to the public’s perception. With a character like Dyson, the beauty is that I am only responsible to my own imagination and the story. Dyson was and continues to be great fun to prepare. I love the physical aspect of this role. It allows me to personify the supernatural and to embrace the imagined powers of it. Very fun.

Jim Lavoie: What do you attribute Lost Girl’s success to and where do you think it might go in Season 2?

KHR: People love fantasy, it gives us a chance to dream, and I think the world we have created with Lost Girl is quite fresh and diverse and appeals to many kinds of people. I hope Season 2 takes us into more intense territory. I am hoping for more and deepened character interaction.

Jim Lavoie: Dyson and Bo fire up the screen with passion, humor, wordplay and body language. What is it like to work with Anna?

KHR: Anna and I, though we have different styles, have great respect for each other, I think that is the basis for our relationship both on and off screen. She is a delight to work with, both generous and considerate, not to mention very talented. As Bo we share a great intensity and as Anna we share comradeship. I look forward to continuing to create our crazy little world on Lost Girl with her next season and I hope the viewers enjoy it too.

Bo and Dyson in Lost Girl

Dyson and Bo can't stay away from each other

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