I’ve Seen It On The Movie Vine: Director Richard Gabai “Insight”, Canadian Beauty Jessica Cameron and “Lost Girl”

I enjoy writing articles for Movie/Entertainment Vine http://www.movievine.com primarily because I get to work for and with Wendy Shepherd. Who, besides being one of the coolest people I know is a mentor, guide and most of all a friend to me. She has always taken the time to lend me her expertise yet allows me to express/write in my style which coming from her is high praise from someone I look up to. Elsewhere in these blogs in Bulldog Publicity you will find a two-part blog/interview on Wendy Shepherd. Take the time to learn about this amazing woman and trail blazer which has me referring to her as the “On-Line Media Guru.”

The other interesting aspect of being part of the crew at Movie/Entertainment Vine is reading other writer’s articles and appreciating their different writing styles. They all do a great job with reviews, interviews and are on top of all the latest news in film/television/entertainment. It is where I go for my first look at trailers, reviews, interviews, announcements and you should give it a try or at least take a look.

Take a look at the 3 articles I have done to date for Movie Vine and this is also a great way to introduce the nearly 5,000 viewers of Bulldog Publicity Blogs/Interviews to my home away from home.

The Premiere of “Insight”, Director Richard Gabai is All In
By Jim Lavoie, Aug 15, 2011

The premiere release for Check Entertainment Distribution is the latest film from veteran award winning Independent Filmmaker Richard Gabai. The film is called “Insight” and hit the big screen on September 2, 2011 (selected theatres). Prior to discussing his new film “Insight”, which is causing a large buzz on social media sites, I spoke with Richard Gabai on the path traveled to date.

Jim: Who inspires you as a director?

Richard Gabai: Hitchcock, Scorsese, Spielberg. I know those are kind of cliché names but I’m just being honest.

Jim: Richard you literally have cut your teeth in the always challenging world of the Independent filmmaker. For years Indie Films were associated with low budget, meaning lesser quality. That may have held water then but along came breakout Indie films like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch blowing away box office sales. It has forced Major Studio Productions to… (To read more click on the following link) http://www.movievine.com/movies/the-premiere-is%E2%80%9D-insight%E2%80%9D-director-richard-gabai-is-all-in-by-jim-lavoie/)

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Jessica Cameron: Beauty Trumps Terror!
by Jim Lavoie, Aug 8, 2011

Jessica Cameron is currently blazing a red hot trail through the immensely popular genre of the horror film world. Rapidly becoming a force in film; the beautiful, talented, and sexy Jessica Cameron has had more than 50 productions in a span of a couple of years, including features, commercials, television and web series. It seems like every week there is an interview/article talking to or highlighting this vicarious and candid actresses latest production or some type of recognition is being directed her way. I don’t think she knows the words rest and relax or chill because it is pedal to the metal 24/7 for this relentless ball of energy. Besides being talented and drop dead gorgeous, she is razor sharp and will speak her mind willingly and to the point. Don’t even think of trying to put her in some stereotypical blonde ditz corner because she might easily drop… (To read more click on the following link) http://www.movievine.com/news/jessica-cameron-beauty-trumps-terror/

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Ready to Have Your World Rocked by A Sultry, Sexy, Succubus called “Bo?” Anna Silk and the Television Series “Lost Girl” Cross All Borders Soon!
by Jim Lavoie, Jul 17, 2011

“Lost Girl” fever is sweeping the globe! Initially felt only by Canadians; it has now turned into what can be only termed a “Fandemic”. Australian Sc-fi officials are reporting their mates are succumbing already based on first viewing results and Syfy will be releasing it to the American viewing public in the near future. So what is causing this to happen and is it preventable? Simply put no! In what can be described as Goth/Occult meet “Moonlighting” premised on mythology and folklore “Lost Girl” is a high risk, high reward program which throws convention out the window. The dialogue is sharp and witty, double edged innuendo abounds, a sexual smorgasbord for all tastes is always open and other out of world guests are dropping in on a moments notice leading us is the heroine Bo (Anna Silk). Bo has lived an average, normal life, feeling great about herself until…(To read more click on the following link)

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All Roads Lead To Fredericton to the Silver Wave Film Festival, November 3rd-6th, 2011

Silver Wave 2011

Ride the Laughter Express as “Omaha Fly By” is Right On Track!
By Jim Lavoie

Omaha Fly By

In the relatively short time that I have been involved in film, as part of a production or covering film, the one format/style that has steadily risen in popularity and quality is that of the short film. It is amazing, given the parameters short films are guided by, to see the high caliber, (technical, script, talent) shorts covering all genres. The attention to detail meets and sometimes exceeds a feature as the theme, story, plot and conclusion must be tightly woven expediently and efficiently to hit its mark. What used to be referred to as “The Calling Card” for first time filmmakers have repeatedly propelled many to be noticed early in their filmmaking career…

I wanted to verse myself in the mindset of producing a short and thought I would speak to Lita Llewellyn. Her film “Omaha Fly By” was accepted into the Atlantic Film Festival and screened on September 18 and September 21 in Halifax Nova Scotia. The film headed to Halifax with The CBC 3-2-1 2010 award attached to it and a number of sponsors behind it, including Bulldog Publicity, and has generated a growing buzz on its journey.

Jim: Briefly describe what this CBC 3-2-1 award is about and your feelings on having your film win this type of recognition? Not only do you carry this title to Festivals but does it also include having it aired on the CBC network?

Lita: This award is a wonderful way to connect filmmakers in the province to a wider audience and larger spectrum. Because you are learning how to work with a broadcaster, it is a lot to learn, but an amazing opportunity. We feel very lucky to be part of this award! As for festivals, we have plans to apply to several specific fests, and yes…we are thrilled that Omaha is going to be broadcast on CBC this fall and will be put on “Download” as well!

Jim: Tell me a bit of the background on “Omaha Fly By,” its theme, development, fine tuning and finally filming?

Lita: Omaha’s original script was brainstormed in a Writer’s Room, as part of a Training Programme with the NB Filmmaker’s Co-op. We’d been trying to bring it to light for a while and when we won the award, we were extremely pleased to have the opportunity to do so. As a first-time producer, this helped me immensely and the CBC has been fantastic to work with. I think on our set and certainly in post-production, we have all worn different hats. You learn fast how to interchange them!

Jim: Lita, you act in this film; as an experienced television and film actress nothing new for you, but for the first time you put on the producer’s hat. What did you do to take on this new task by way of preparation and your thoughts on the experience?

Lita: (laughs) Well, nothing prepares you for the actual producing work that happens in real time. I’d mentored under a couple of wonderful producer/directors and learned a great deal that way I also took a fantastic producing workshop from Camelia Frieberg. She talked a lot about the great stuff in producing but also to learn how to make big decisions in the moment and how to put out fires. Sometimes multiple fires at once! It really is a hands-on-take-everything-as-it-comes kind of experience and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. I was also well-prepared and had a fantastic team working with me so that helped a lot. And I definitely know what I will and won’t do next time!

Jim: One aspect I really enjoy about Omaha Fly By is the locations you used and if any readers of this article are from Fredericton you will know where some of the scenes were shot. The music, the backgrounds blend so well, it has the tactile feel of actually being part of the whole process. What was it like in terms of cooperation from private businesses and any in particular you want to give a shout out to?

Lita: Oh I’m so glad you see that! We worked really hard to find locations that kind of already embraced how we wanted the scene to look on film. We chose The Capital and BOOM! In Fredericton and thankfully they were willing to work with us. They were both so accommodating and we were happy to be able to include popular Fredericton social scenes in the film.

Jim: Humour in a short comedy requires pinpoint timing and delivery. Did the cast have that instant bonding required to put it all together and feed off each others energy and styles. Was there room for improve and if so did the script allow for such. Were their any big surprises along the way or something that really stood out in your mind?

Lita: I have to say that both cast and crew were phenomenal. The crew were comfortable with each other and many had worked together before and I think that made the cast even more comfortable and offered a really safe playground for a lot of the scenes as this is a comedy with a lot of whacky stuff going on. The cast themselves gave so much to these characters and the actors really “got” the script immediately. I wanted to keep the work as fresh as possible so we went with a lot of takes!

Rehearsal was kept to a minimum and we budgeted lots of on-set time. Parts of the footage were so hard to leave on the editing room floor. Some of the moments are so real, so fresh and just very funny. I’m really looking forward to the blooper reel.

Jim: Ok, so you wrapped and then it’s post time. I understand this is where CBC and their expertise stepped up, big time. Your thoughts on this experience?

Lita: When we wrapped I knew that would be when a lot of the work would start. As this aspect of filmmaking was so new to me, the folks at CBC were so great. I learned so much. They invited both John and I to the Halifax studio to spend time with our editor, Keith Bradley, and he was so patient and generous with his time. He invited me to stay for several days and work with him in the editing suite and I had a blast. Peter Hall has been so supportive as well, and mentored me on the occasional decision. I was happy to learn how pleased they were with the film and hope it goes far. And none of this would have been possible without Cat Leblanc and Tony Merzetti—they have been a huge mentor for me and lent me their previous expertise and as we went along in the process. This has been a very exciting and amazing journey!

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