“Is Laurens BO call her Faetal Attraction? Zoie Palmer – “Lost Girl”

By Jim Lavoie

Zoie Palmer


“Lost Girl” scoops up a third season!

“Lost Girl” Mid-season finale (season 2) December 18 – returns January 22, 2012!

“Lost Girl” premieres in the United States January 16, 2012 on Syfy!

Now Back to “Faes of our Life”

Anna Silk stars as “Bo” in the runaway hit series “Lost Girl” which is the most watched original series on SHOWCASE. Bo was living what she considered a normal life with her adoptive parents and friends, that is until she literally kills her boyfriend in a first time sexual experience. Suddenly she is thrust into the unknown world of the Fae. Bo is a sexy, sultry, yet sensitive Succubus. She is a female demon who feeds on the sexual energy of mortals. She discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore, who pass as humans while feeding off them in secret, as they have for millennia.

Relieved yet horrified to discover she is not alone, Bo decides to take the middle path between the humans and the Fae while embarking on a personal mission to unlock the secrets of her origins. The chaotic, bizarre world of the Fae, both light and dark, is totally foreign to Bo. To repay protection provided by those who initially offered her refuge, she quickly acclimatizes herself to the Fae inner sanctum, she must be a wizened player to obtain sources to fulfill her personal quests. As she is doing so during season one she is undergoing a personal transformation on the fly; one that will truly impact on the dynamics of her relationships with Dyson and Lauren.

Dr Lauren Lewis (the smoking hot Zoie Palmer) is in the employ of the Fae and retained for her scientific knowledge. She is very serious about her treatment of a Succubus gone wild or better yet never tamed who is called Bo (the oh so hot Anna Silk). Her task, at least on the surface, is to curb/temper the insatiable thirst Bo has to feed on the “Chi” (sexual energy of others) often resulting in death for her willing victims. The good doctor has her own personal agenda in regulating/guiding Bo’s deadly lust!

Zoie Palmer & Anna Silk

However, she is finding out that Bo’s quest to determine her origin, meeting her birth mother in an explosive confrontation, her determination to retain a non-committal position outside of light or dark Fae influences have all changed Bo’s perspectives/visions of her sense of belonging. Bo’s spreading her wings, fighting to establish and maintain neutrality in her life amongst the Fae. This new found independence may impact their relationship and ignite new passions.

In preparing for this interview, with Zoie Palmer I found myself constantly jumping back and forth to previous film and TV productions she had worked on. I had this feeling that it seemed somehow pre-ordained that she would be part of “Lost Girl.” That somehow all the parts she had done in the past came together in her role as Dr. Lauren Lewis. Zoie Palmer is one smart, witty, independent woman with a free and forward thinking disposition which she dispenses on her terms. I totally enjoyed this interview with Zoie, so having said that; enjoy!

Zoie Palmer

Jim: Thank you Zoie for taking time out to answer my questions. Especially considering the second season for all of you on “Lost Girl” is a marathon of sorts! Twenty-two episodes in all. How are you holding up with all of this?

Zoie: Well, for me it’s not as demanding as I am not in every day and not in every episode. Anna on the other hand is extraordinary, not only is she in every day and nearly in every scene, and learning combat and sword fighting etc, she does it all with a smile despite the fact that there must be days she’s exhausted, you’d never know it, she’s just innately such a kind and happy person.

Jim: You were born in England, daughter to parents of Irish and British descendants. Your younger years were spent in schools in England. Were you involved in drama and theatre, at that time? You then moved to Canada where you attended high school and later graduated from the York University Theatre Program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Was it to your advantage to have experienced some theatrical basics/training in Britain and incorporate that into your North American creative development?

Zoie: I actually moved to Canada with my parents and sister when I was much younger. I was nine when we moved and yes I most definitely had the acting bug at that age, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t. Well, there was that brief period where I thought I might own and run a coffee shop and then the time when I was seven that I told my parents that I didn’t need a job, that I was going to marry my classmate Josh. To prove to them how serious I was I took band-aids out of the first aid kit and shoved them in my bag, y’know to show them that I understood the responsibilities of marriage. Josh, wherever you are, I hope you have band-aids.

I didn’t study theatre until I was in university here in Canada. I had done community theatre and local classes growing up and I took every drama class I could in high school, thank you Mr. Kevin West for your belief in me. The only training I had in Britain was putting on plays for the priest and my mortified parents in our living room. I’m pretty sure that’s where any success I’ve had has come from, he was always so enthusiastic, thanks Father Mulvany!

Jim: Your role as a Bar Keep in the Showcases series “XIII” came with you possessing a strong Irish dialect. Came naturally I guess, but you must have enjoyed the Irish backdrop to the show?

Zoie: That was great fun to shoot and getting the opportunity to use my Irish accent was a blast. The only time I ever use it is when I’m talking to or visiting my mother. She lives in Ireland so when she calls me on the phone, I immediately become a leprechaun. I worked with the lovely Stuart Townsend who is the lead on “XIII.” He is Irish playing an American, so between him trying to keep his Irish at bay and I trying to conceal my North American it was all a bit silly, but I think over all it went pretty well and Stuart is a great guy.

Jim: You have an excellent acting resume in television and a rapidly growing film repertoire. As I mentioned in the beginning of this interview a number of your previous roles seem as if they were shaped to prepare you for the role of Dr. Lauren Lewis on “Lost Girl.” For example, your role as Carly Crieg on “The Guard” had you playing a kick ass Coast Guard rescuer while on CTV’s “Instant Star” you portrayed the goth musician Patsy. Sounds like you most certainly could identify or align with the roles of Bo and Kenzi on “Lost Girl”. You have dealt with the occult and mythology in the film “Devil” and in the TV series “Plague Hip of Vade”. Obviously this role gave you much to draw from, or was your preparation for your role on “lost Girl” from a completely different source?

Zoie: I sort of feel like every role I have done prepares me for the current one, whatever the genre may be. Playing different characters allows me to open up my imagination in a way that has certainly served me well for “Lost Girl.” Although I play a human on “Lost Girl”, Lauren is in a very different world, and as an actor, in order for me to find truth in what is at times so unbelievable I must open my mind and expand upon what I draw from my own real experiences. In so many ways the characters of “Lost Girl” are very similar to people we all know and love and of course, sometimes hate. They all have feelings that we can relate to and it is here where I begin my process of creating the character.

Jim: The love/lust triangle between Lauren and Bo and Bo and Dyson has entered new parameters especially with Bo’s new found confidence in adapting to the way of the Fae. Will we be seeing more of a break up to make up type of relationship between Lauren and Bo? If so is it possible Lauren may embark on a little fact finding of her own with another in
“Lost Girl” to determine if a Succubus has feelings of jealousy? Your relationship is heading where?

Zoie: The love triangle between Bo, Lauren and Dyson is definitely evolving and growing as the characters learn more about each other and as Bo learns more about herself. Where the relationships are heading is hard to say. I can’t say too much about what I do know but I will say that the intensity will continue and the stakes will increase and I think the characters have to face feelings and decisions they never expected… dun dun dun (If there were a piano, I’d be banging at it right now, y’know, the “dun dun dun” number. Great tune.

Jim: I recently watched a clip of you and Anna Silk, in Florida doing a press conference to promote “Lost Girl” being released on the American Syfy channel in Jan 2012. I was struck by how much you two are alike in some mannerisms yet totally distinct in others. You appear calm and reserved yet there is the devil in your eyes? I somehow sense that there is a mutual bond/chemistry between Anna and yourself? Your thoughts on working with Anna on “Lost Girl”?

Zoie: Devil in my eyes you say? I’m definitely attracted to the mysteries of this world, I love life and I’ll try almost anything once. I find excitement in life, there’s so much out there and I want to see it, experience it, and touch it… and, so maybe that’s what you see. I mostly feel a huge amount of gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given. I am beyond lucky and I never want to lose sight of that.

My thoughts on working with Anna? Simply put, I adore Anna. We’ve become close throughout this experience of filming “Lost Girl.” She’s kind and thoughtful and empathetic all the while being talented, amazingly funny and completely beautiful. Anna and I knew each other loosely over the years before coming together and working on this project and when I found out that she would be playing the part of “Bo” I was thrilled. I can’t think of another person better for the job, she has the talent and confidence to be the lead of this series while remaining entirely humble in the face of the completely overwhelming response we’ve had from amazing fans all over the world.

Jim: Anna told me recently, “Zoie is a lovely person, actress and friend. She brings it on, on set! I had seen Zoie at various auditions over the years but what a pleasure to get to know her and work with her.”

Zoie Palmer & Anna Silk

Jim: If you could say anything to your legions upon legions of team Lauren fans/”Lost Girl” fans what would it be?

Zoie: Thank-you, thank-you and thank-you! I am so grateful to the people who watch this show and support the character that I play. It means so much to me, more than I can likely convey. I know very well that without the people who tune in every week to watch the show I would be without this job. I have received all kinds of letters from people who watch the show and for one reason or another this character has touched them and I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to play her. I know there is a large gay/lesbian bi-sexual and transgendered community out there who see this show as one of very few that depicts the community in a real, honest and meaningful way. This is so much a testament to the talent, commitment and open mindedness of the show’s creator Michelle Lovretta and our extraordinary producers Jay Firestone, Wanda Chaffey and Vanessa Piazza and of course our obscenely talented team of writers. They are the people who should be applauded for this. It is a privilege for me to play Lauren, a privilege I am very grateful for 🙂

Jim: I recently watched the trailer, “The Untitled Work of Paul Shepherd,” a role for which you have received a nomination for an ACTRA Award. You starred in this and I found you mesmerizing in it. For those who haven’t seen this yet, give us a quick synopsis please?

Zoie: TUWOPS in a movie written, directed and edited by the very talented Jeremy Lalonde. It is also the first movie that Kris Holden Reid and I did together. Kris plays a guy who is making a documentary about love and so decides to go back and interviews all of his past girlfriends and learns perhaps a bit more about love then he was expecting to or perhaps even wanted to. I play one of his ex-girlfriends Haley who feels a touch wronged by Paul and who’s life has not turned out at all how she hoped and despite Paul coming to ask her a lot of questions for his doc, she ends up putting him in the hot seat and asking a few of her own. Asking/shouting…what’s the difference right???? “

Check out and join Zoie Palmer at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zoie-Palmer-Fan-Page/102068516497600

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10 Responses to “Is Laurens BO call her Faetal Attraction? Zoie Palmer – “Lost Girl”

  1. julies87 says:

    LOVE LOST GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

  2. JJ says:

    Zoie you are amazing , Lost Girl is an incredible show but would not be as incredible if you weren’t in it ;D I just wish you were in every episode ;/ and you should, ALOT of people want you to be.

  3. lori mason says:

    I met zoie and got a pic with her at fan expo. Its amazing. Saw the whole cast there too. Great show. My husband watches it with me too.

  4. tina says:

    love this show Im hooked and been telling everyone love some Dyson but everyone is so good 🙂

  5. vera says:

    Adoro Lost Girl!! ; )

  6. Chantel says:

    Lost girl is my life. I’m deco that I can’t download anymore episOdes Of season 2 yet. 😦

  7. kranARI says:

    I have to laugh because Zoie Palmer is absolutely beautiful and charming but I don’t think that she’s that great of an actress. However, she was really well cast as the doctor in Lost Girl (very factual) and so forth so don’t get me wrong I love her and she has amazing chemistry with Anna Silk onscreen. Thanks for the article, I wish we could see her do some comedy, she seems to be really funny 🙂

  8. Cedelle says:

    I love this show!!! 🙂 now if only to find what Lauren and Bo have.

    Go team Lauren!!!

  9. Lindsay says:

    Zoie is articulate, beautiful and intelligent and a great actress. She brings herself completely to every role I’ve seen her play.
    Because Zoie was so good at portraying Lauren’s quiet strength in Lost Girl the character is now a regular cast member not just a guest star.
    She has charmed thousands of fans all over the world with her portrayal of Lauren. She has amazing chemistry with Anna Silk. They obviously like and respect each other and it shows on screen.
    I for one hope us Lost Girl fans get to see ALOT more of Lauren in the coming years.
    Great interview.

  10. Lauren and Bo,I am definitely somebody from a country you have never heard of i.e Uganda which is as far as East Africa but i want you to know that we love you both so much and of course we love other characters.When i first watched this show, i was like my God these two are just perfect together.You made it possible for me to rediscover myself,i suddenly felt alive again.I was somebody who had given up on my self worth because of the things that were going on in my life but after watching the two of you i was alive again.In a country like mine where such relationships are forbidden,i said to myself that hey,maybe a girl can still make another girl happy and fulfilled after all.By the way i am a straight married woman with two kids but you two give me alot of beautiful beautiful fantasies.Who knows,maybe one day i will find a Lauren or a Bo for myself.Thank you Anna and zoie and thank you to the rest of the characters and crew.God bless you.

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