“My Fae or the High Fae” is Bo’s New Mantra & Attitude

Season 3 of “Lost Girl,” starring Anna Silk, This Sunday Jan 6th on Showcase!

“Succubus Gone Wild?”

Bo afire

Bo afire

We will soon find out what Showcase’s red hot television series “Lost Girl” has planned for “Bo” (Anna Silk) this year as Season # 3 debuts This Sunday, Jan 6th, 2013. Also very important to note, prior to the broadcast of the season opener will be a one hour special aptly named ConFaedential.

It is a round table discussion with cast members reflecting on the first two seasons and perhaps a glimpse or two into what Season 3 has to offer. (Check Local Listings for viewing times).

One thing for sure, we are going to witness a different Bo, with all the speculation that her alter ego is now in control. It may well be a sign of things to come but even the aura emitting from Bo’s eyes seems much more intense. The term badass has been bantered about and based on the pre-season trailer for “Lost Girl Season 3,” it seems to be a good fit. Do women badasses get more play? like you, I will be tuning in to find out. I had the opportunity to ask Anna Silk a few questions on Season 3 heading into this Sundays opener for “Lost Girl”.

Jim: First of all Anna, Happy New Year to you from myself and all the readers/viewers of Bulldog Publicity. Your lead role as Bo on “Lost Girl” and the interviews you have graciously done with me have generated readers/feedback from 133 countries. The international thirst for all things Bo and “Lost Girl” is immense and will continue to grow with Season 3. Since it is a New year, I have to know, does Anna Silk set resolutions and if so care to share any?

Bo Leather Be

Bo Leather Be

Anna Silk: No resolutions this year. Not that there is not always room for improvement in one’s life but I feel like I just want to stay on the path I am on.

Jim: Prior to the season 3 opener on Showcase there is (also on Showcase) a one hour special called ConFaedential.I take it this will be a round table discussion with cast members from Season 3 including some New members? There seems to be  a steady buzz heading into this year fueled by the action packed Season 3 preview trailer. Can you give us a snapshot of what the show will deal with?

(Both ConFaedential and “Lost  Girl” Season 3 premiere on Sunday Jan 6, 2013, Show Case, check local listings)

The cast of Season 3 Lost Girl

The cast of Season 3 Lost Girl

Anna Silk: The show is made up of the original 6 cast members and hosted by Jay Firestone our executive producer. Jay is so passionate about the show and it was so much fun to get together with the cast and reminisce about the previous seasons. It’s a fun special and I hope people enjoy it. We had fun making it.

Jim: In the first two seasons of Lost Girl, Bo emerges to discover her roots, to come to terms with being a succubus, but is still noncommittal to her place in the world of the Light/Dark Fae. The one certainty is her devotion to those she loves and for whom she always rises to whatever the challenge. That kind of bravery displays her loyalty despite her confusion as to where her place is. I sense that fighting for others in harms way is in a way therapeutic for Bo and keeps her from obsessing about her own personal demons. In season 3 it appears that Bo is highly agitated and aggressively marking her turf and ready to rule rather than follow. Has Bo gone ballistic with her own empowerment or are other forces at work here? How would you explain the change?

Anna Silk: I can’t really say a lot about this as it will give away too many spoilers. But I can say that in Season 3, Bo faces the biggest challenge of her life and it affects everything.

Jim: With season 3 we see that all “Lost Girl” viewers are up to speed and therefore it will enable all at “Lost Girl” to talk in a current vernacular. How was that for you when speaking at conferences, appearances etc.?  You obviously must be pleased with the international following you and the show have?

Anna Silk: The international fan response to the show has been incredible. We are so lucky to have such dedicated fans who are so excited about these characters and the stories we tell.  Going to fan events is a wonderful experience for me.  It’s great to meet fans in person.

Jim: There is a strong sense of cast chemistry, how important is that? Could you could speak about some of the character growth? Also one of the guest stars this season is Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connors from The Terminator) who in my mind was one of the original ass kicking heroines. How cool was that to work with her and did you go toe to toe with her?

Anna Silk: The cast does have great chemistry. Everyone really loves their own character and each one has had their own journey an evolution from the beginning of the series.  We also have great guest stars and it is always a thrill for me to have people be so excited to be on the show! They often get to play very interesting, colorful roles and have a great time doing it. We did have Linda Hamilton on the show this season. Sadly I did not get to work with her. But she certainly is the original kickass heroine.

Jim: Where is Bo headed in terms of her relationships with Lauren and Dyson? Will this new attitude of Bo’s take her into a multitude of new encounters that befits a succubus on the loose?

Anna Silk: All I can really say about Bo’s relationships is that they are challenged by the nature of her being a Succubus. That love triangle will always be there and will continue evolve in the 3rd season.

New to Season 3
Rachel Skarsten in the role of Tamsin

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    I love this series:)

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